A Charger Girl Tribute – Sara Beth Guterman

I have been a Chargers season ticket holder since 1999 and I’ve seen many Charger Girls come and go over that time.  One of the most remarkable Charger Girls was affectionately called “Big Red” by the guys in my section.  Sara Beth Guterman was on the squad a couple of years, but in 2004 she left a memorable impression on this photographer, who was breaking in his first digital SLR.

Tall, statuesque, and with a vivacious personality, Sara Beth was a goddess on the sidelines.   But her time on the squad was during that period where they wore, perhaps, the least attractive uniforms in their history.  The girls on those squads were hot, but you’d never know it by the uniforms they wore.  Thankfully, those were replaced in 2005 with the familiar scallop skirted uniform by new Director Lisa Simmons.

So let’s take a look back and enjoy our tribute to Big Red, Sara Beth Guterman…one of our favorite Charger Girls.

CG Sarabeth 07

CG Sarabeth 13

CG Sarabeth 08

CG Sarabeth 14

CG Sarabeth 03

CG Sarabeth 10

CG Sarabeth 04

CG Sarabeth 12

CG Sarabeth 05

CG Sarabeth 06

CG Sarabeth 09

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