More Photos From The 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Final Auditions

As I mentioned in my prior article, I have been looking forward to the day that I would be able to photograph the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. I regard the MDC as one of the top three or four squads in the NFL. They seem to have it all…beautiful girls from the top to bottom of the roster…glamorous and sexy uniforms that flatter the feminine form…and a staff that is keenly aware of the marketing and PR potential of the squad. So it comes as no surprise that the MDC are on the top of my shoot list…and maybe one day I’ll actually make to a game.

But for now, I will have to content myself with their auditions. And let me say, this was a great one to attend. It was a lot of fun…for spectator and photographer alike…and there were a lot of photographers there, mostly family but there were a couple of super fan boys…you know the type. What they heck, I’m sure the Dolphins know what they are doing when they opened the finals up to the public.

It was a challenge shooting in that venue because there wasn’t a media section cordoned off and the layout of the auditorium wasn’t conducive to shooting the event. Bottom line, you had two choices: 1) shoot from the sides of the auditorium…close, but a very odd and harsh angle or 2) shoot from the back of the seating section and face the front of the stage. I choose the latter. Even though I was 20 rows back and around 60 feet from the stage, I just couldn’t fathom shooting from the wings at that angle. So, I had to make due being so far away from the stage and the resultant light fall off.

Like everything in life, there are tradeoffs and shooting from the back of the auditorium was one of them. And the final challenge was to shoot and post process around the judges, who were at stage level and the tops of their heads intruded into the lower part of a full body shot image of the girls…tradeoffs…life is a series of tradeoffs.

That being said, I still got over three hundred useable photos for my article…so here are some of the left overs. Enjoy.

MDC 2015 003

Shooting from so far back, you are going to get a lot of red eye. I have figure out how to batch process red eye reduction in Photoshop Elements…I was on deadline, so I did not have the time to remove the red eye manually. That would have taken too long to do.  But it is what it is…tradeoffs…damn tradeoffs.

MDC 2015 004

MDC 2015 005

MDC 2015 008

MDC 2015 010

Blondes…lots of blondes. Actually, there were three noticeable demographic candidate groups: 1) blondes, 2) black girls, and 3) brunettes who were Hispanic. And there were at least three Asian girls from Japan. Actually not a bad distribution…very distinctively Miami, IMHO.

MDC 2015 015

MDC 2015 017

MDC 2015 018

MDC 2015 020

MDC 2015 023

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Day of the Dolphin: The 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions

On May 3rd, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders held their final auditions for the 2015 squad at the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on the campus of Nova Southeastern University. 74 finalists were competing for one of 36 spots on the squad and judging from the finalists’ profiles, the competition would be fierce.  Candidates came from all over the country and if my memory serves correctly, there were at least three girls from Japan who flew in to try their luck at making the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

MDC 2015 045

MDC 2015 256

MDC 2015 274

MDC 2015 292

MDC 2015 307

MDC 2015 068

MDC 2015 051

MDC 2015 143

MDC 2015 209

MDC 2015 197

MDC 2015 203

MDC 2015 164

MDC 2015 221

MDC 2015 237

MDC 2015 125

MDC 2015 230

I have wanted for the longest time, to visit Miami and photograph the Dolphins Cheerleaders, a squad that I consider to be one of the most glamorous squads in the NFL. And this year, I was able to make that happen. For me, this would be a wonderful opportunity and a chance to meet up with our Florida Correspondent, Jackson.

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Working It! The 2015 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Auditions

This past Thursday, the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders held their final auditions at The Pageant theater in The Loop.  50 finalists were competing for one of 32 coveted spots on the team.  The evening’s festivities would include an interview portion, a swimsuit segment and a final dance routine.  And I was fortunate to be there once again to capture all the excitement.

STL 2015 227

STL 2015 135

STL 2015 280

STL 2015 268

STL 2015 194

STL 2015 239

STL 2015 229

STL 2015 109

STL 2015 100

STL 2015 087

STL 2015 082

STL 2015 075

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2015 Charger Girls Announced!

Here’s the first look at the new squad.  Check out them out at

 TOP ROW (L – R)
Brittney, Taylor, Shelbi, Allie, Jenna, Colette, Hailey, Whitney, Jayme

Teran, Angie, Delani, Katelyn, Bridget J., Roxi, Lauren, Angelica, Devin, Karissa

Elizabeth, Rebecca, Beatrix, Kayla, Gabrielle, Bridget C., Tina, Tawnie, Tyler

 Congratulations, 2015 Charger Girls!

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Charger Girl Audition Photos from

The Chargers have updated their website with 53 photos from day 1 of the 2015 Charger Girl auditions.  And since I have more than a passing interest, here’s what we know.

Here are the veterans that are trying out again.  I hope your favorite CGs from 2014 are trying out again.

Looks like crowd favorite Anjelica is trying out again…I am very pleasantly surprised because my last conversation with her, she left me with the impression that the odds were that she was retiring.

And apparently Shelbi is trying out again.  I am sure that will please her legion of loyal fans…and she DOES have a legion of loyal of fans.

While perusing the coverage, I spotted a few Ladies of Ontario Fury girls trying out.  There’s Kaitlyn, Krista, and Christine (far left, group photo) if I am not mistaken.

This hopeful kind of looks like Kaylee of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, who was their Pro Bowl Cheerleader this year.  The resemblance is striking.

And this one looks like Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Roxi.

Good luck to her and all of the candidates.

Well, we should know in a few days who made it, when the 2015 Charger Girl squad is announced.  Stay tuned to for the official announcement.

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A Charger Girl Tribute – Hannah G.

The Charger Girls have been blessed with many gorgeous girls that have filled their roster over the years.  I suppose that being located in Southern California, there is no shortage of beautiful and talented dancers that want to become Charger girls.  And in this installment, we recognize a Charger Girl who was on the squad from 2010 to 2011.  Her name…Hannah.

After the 2009 season, I can recall being disappointed that many of my favorite Charger Girls retired. But like other sports dynasties, the Charger Girls reload every year and as we lose veterans to retirement, a new crop of girls rise to fill their shoes.  So I was pleased to see the new squad back in 2010 and I quickly latched on to the rookies.  I can even remember saying that I have to find a few “new favorite Charger Girls to photograph”.  And I did.

Like all of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph, Hannah is attractive, photogenic and a good dancer.  And like all the other girls I feature in these tribute articles, she stands out. That is a special quality not all cheerleaders possess.

So here are some of my favorite photos of Hannah.





This was one of my favorite costumes from their Halloween performance and what you don’t see in the photo is that Hannah was wearing these high heeled shoes with her school girl outfit.  Dancing in high heels on the grass sidelines…yikes!
















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Friday Night With The Laker Girls

So I went to an L.A. D-Fenders game on Friday, something I haven’t done in a few years.  I was there with a friend, who always tries to catch a game at the Toyota Center every time he’s in town during the season.  Why?  Because the D-Fenders’ dance team are the Laker Girls.  And it is a rare treat when you can see the Laker Girls up close and personal.

Laker Girls032715v072

Laker Girls032715v032

Laker Girls032715v008

Laker Girls032715v027

Laker Girls032715v042

Laker Girls032715v078

Laker Girls032715v073

Laker Girls032715v068

Laker Girls032715v085

Laker Girls032715v061

Laker Girls032715v082

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