Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Lauren

I purchased my first digital DSLR in 2002, if I recall correctly.  It was the venerable Canon EOS 1D and it took decent photos.  Prior to that I shot film and I would typically shoot 6 or 7 rolls of film at each game.  That’s roughly two rolls per quarter or 64 shots per Charger Girl line.  Processing that film was expensive, roughly $7.00 per roll, so that was the limiting factor in terms of the number of images I took.

When I switched to digital, those costs were no longer an issue and I shot many more images per game…perhaps four times as many.  The only limiting factor was memory cards and storage.  So for me, the digital revolution was a watershed moment in my photography.  I no longer dropped off film to be processed at Costco and I no longer viewed images via prints or via a loupe if I shot slide film.  Everything was done on my computer and I learned a new term…workflow.  Digital photography eliminated the film processing color lab, but that process was replaced by computer based post processing and I had to become the digital imaging equivalent of the old photo lab technician.  In the digital era, you had to be proficient in two disparate skill sets in order to produce a great image…photographic skills and computer imaging skills.

So this image is from my early days with digital photography and it is an image of a very special Charger Girl named Lauren.  She was very popular with Charger fans and I could see why.  Beautiful, great dancer and very photogenic.

Well I hope you enjoyed this look back to 2006.

CG Lauren06 12

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Flashback Friday – Anaheim Bolts Dancer Michelle C.

In this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look back at the Michelle C. of the Anaheim Bolts Dance Team.  Back in 2012 I spotted her at auditions and I knew that she would make the squad and that there would be big things in store for her.  With some girls, you can just tell.  They have the looks, they have the dance talent and they just stand out and Michelle was one of those next level girls.

Well as it would turn out, Michelle would go on to be a member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury, the Lakers Girls and she is now a current member of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.


That 2013 Anaheim Bolts Dance Team was very talented and many of them would go on to other major league dance teams.  Three would become Charger Girls.  One became a Clippers Spirit Dancer and is a current member of the Los Angeles Rams.  One became a member of the Golden State Warriors Dance Team.  Many of them became members of the Ladies of Ontario Fury, the dance team of the successor of the Anaheim Bolts MASL team.

And of course there is Michelle.


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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Shelbi Buchholz


One of my all time favorite Charger Girls to photograph is Shelbi B. and she is the focus of this week’s Flashback Friday.  I absolutely loved photographing her because she was photogenic, she was a great dancer and she always had a great expression on her face.  She was a natural in front of the camera and kind of flirty on the sidelines, so that’s all good in my book.

I know she had a lot of fans when she was a Charger Girl because they would come on down to my section and sneak a peek…can’t blame them.  Shelbi was hot and I think she enjoyed entertaining the fans.

And for all you Shelbi fans who may be reading this…here are a few more of my favorite images of her.




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Former Charger Girl Kara Kay is a Contestant on Survivor: David vs Goliath

Check out former San Diego Charger Girl Kara Kay on the reality series, Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Wednesdays on CBS.


Kara Kay
Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego, California
Current Residence: San Diego, California

“Kara is a favorite to win. I think a lot of people will say, ‘Really?’ But the more I watch her, the more I see her blend. ‘I’m not standing out at all. I’m just one of the Goliaths! They’re all very good!’ And what do you do? ‘Well, I came from a very good family. I was a cheerleader in the NFL. I’m in real estate.’ If you ask her about her looks, she’ll say they absolutely open doors. She doesn’t ever defend and say, ‘But I have to work hard!’ What you see is what you get. ‘I’m successful, I’m pleasant, I have a great attitude.’ She’s still dealing with the loss of her mom, which I can’t imagine. I really think Kara could be a surprise player, where all the sudden you say, ‘Oh my god… she’s going to win.'”

Bio by Josh Wigler, The Hollywood Reporter

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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Tinaiya

2014 was an amazing year for the Charger Girls…lots of beautiful ones on that squad.  I don’t think they’ll mind me saying so in this day and age.  They know, as all professional cheerleaders do, that looks are a part of the game.  Yes, they’re important, but that’s only one part of what makes a good NFL cheerleader.

So let’s take a look back at one of those special Charger Girls, Tinaiya.  Statuesque and beautiful, she was a member of that amazing 2014 squad…when NFL cheerleaders weren’t afraid to be NFL cheerleaders, if you know what I mean.


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Flashback Friday – Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Erica

In this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look at one of the most memorable Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders of the past few years, Erica.  I first saw at the Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions and she stood out immediately for her curly blonde looks.  It was a look that no one else had and she was quite striking. She was one of a group of three former Utah Jazz Dancers who made the trek down to Phoenix to try out for the AZCC.

At the auditions, it was apparent to me that she was a very good dancer as well, which are two aspects of my ultimate cheerleader triumvirate of special qualities: 1) good looks, 2) exceptional dance ability, and 3) photogenic appeal.

And at the 2014 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta, Erica displayed the third quality, as you can see from this photo below.

ACC Erica 08

Oh and where is she now…Erica is currently a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

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Flashback Friday – Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Tessa

In this week’s Flashback Friday article, we take a look at one of my favorite candidates from the 2013 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions.  Tessa was one of those special girls who stood out at auditions.  Tall, strikingly beautiful and a great dancer, Tessa was a shoe in for the squad and I think she would become one of the most memorable Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders of her day.


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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Nicole


In 2013, the Charger Girls featured a cheerleader that was a former Seattle Sea Gal named Nicole and though she looked great in the Sea Gal uniform, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a Charger Girl uniform.

Like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform, the Charger Girl uniform is classic.  From the long white sleeves and low cut top to the signature curved shaped skirt, the Charger Girl uniform is iconic and hot girls look even hotter because that uniform flatters the feminine form like few others.

And here’s a bonus pic of Nicole.


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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Lindsay

10 years go, I was still a Charger season ticket holder and the Chargers were still playing in San Diego. 2008 was a great year for the Charger Girls and they had another amazing squad. Back then, the Charger Girls regularly attracted over 300 girls to their auditions, drawing from San Diego and Orange Counties, two regions known for producing amazing dance talent. So only the most beautiful and talented dancers made the squad…it was that competitive.

In this edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look at one of those amazing Charger Girls…a beautiful Latina named Lindsay. I think she was on the squad for only one year, but it was special.

CG Lindsay 05

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Flashback Friday – Road Trip to Washington D.C.

Back in 2011, I made a road trip to our nation’s capital to photograph the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders…one of my favorite NFL cheerleading squad.  They had some of the most beautiful cheerleaders and arguably the sexiest uniform in professional cheerleading and I wanted to shoot them.  So, I made plans to meet up with my editor at UltimateCheerleading.com and this is one of the photos I got from the visit.


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