Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Angela


In the edition of Flashback Friday, we feature one of my all time favorite Charger Girls to photograph, Charger Girl Angela.  She was one of those Charger Girls that I never took a bad photograph of her.  She was special and I had a unique photographic connection with her…one of those inexplicable photographer – model connections where you always get something special on film…so to speak.

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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Andrea S.


2012 was a great year for the Charger Girls….there were many notable girls on that squad and one that always caught my eye was beautiful brunette named Andrea.  I think she was on the squad for two years and this reminds that a girl’s time on any cheerleading team is short and that we should enjoy their time in the uniform.

So I hope you have enjoyed this look back to the 2012 Charger Girls in this edition of Flashback Friday.  I am sure we will feature more girls from this era.

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Flashback Friday – New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader Tara

2015 PRO 045

One of my favorite cheerleaders in attendance at the 2015 P-R-O Convention was a Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader named Tara.  She was the most noteworthy cheerleader on that squad and she later tried out for and became a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  Small world, eh?

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Flashback Friday – Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader McCall


In this edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look back to one of the most memorable Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders…a cheerleader named McCall. It’s hard to overlook a platinum blonde and McCall was the type of cheerleader that caught your attention. And I take special pride in noting that McCall was a member of the UCLA Dance Team, the dance team of my alma mater.

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Flashback Friday – Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Emma


In this edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look back at the 2019 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta.  One of the hottest cheerleaders in attendance was from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and her name was Emma.  She check off all the boxes in terms of what I look for in a cheerleader, e.g. good looks, dance ability, showmanship, and a special photogenic quality.  But above all, I think her smile did it for me.  She has this wonderfully playful and alluring smile that caught my attention, but she can have a more dramatic look as you can see from the photo above.


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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Lindsay Oswalt


In this edition of Flashback Friday, we go way, way back in the past to feature one of the most beautiful and photogenic Charger Girls, Lindsay Oswalt.  This image is so old, I cannot recall when I took it.  I know it must have been prior to 2004 because that is when I switch to digital photography and I know this is an image that I scanned from  a slide.  And of course, the uniform is a much older style than the Charger Girls wear today.

Oh well, enjoy this flashback pic from days gone by.

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Flashback Friday – 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions


In this edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look back to the 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions.  The proceedings were held in a high school auditorium that has some mixed lighting and I was unable to use my flash to balance the lighting, so it was somewhat of a challenge.  I did get some nice photos of the lovely finalists and this was one of my favorite images from the day.

I am not sure if she made the team, but I think she would be more than a worthy candidate…don’t you think?

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Flashback Friday – 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions

MDC 2015 136

In 2015, I attended the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders final auditions and I had a wonderful time.  This was a pageant style audition, which meant that it was more for public consumption than a true tryout.  And as such, there was a lot of entertainment value and one of the features was a talent portion where the contestants dressed up in a unique costume befitting their talent that they were showcasing.  Of course, most of the contestants performed a dance routine as their talent and this is an image of one of the girls at the auditions.

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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Jenny Ting


In this edition of Flashback Friday, we take a look back at the 2017 Charger Girl auditions and reacquaint ourselves with one of the most renown Charger Girls, Jenny Ting.

Jenny originally tried out for the San Diego Charger Girls in 2008 and after a one year stint with the squad, she moved on to the Laker Girls.  Flash forward 10 years and Jenny was back auditioning, this time for the Los Angeles Charger Girls.  And you know what, she made it! She made back to the Charger Girls because she was one of the best dancers in Pauley Pavilion and she still has the fitness and looks.  Impressive!


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Flashback Friday – Ladies of Ontario Fury


One of my favorite squads to photograph was the Ladies of Ontario Fury.  I enjoyed a lot of freedom in photographing the girls and I always tried to do something different every season.  I mean, shooting game performances can get a little repetitious at times and with such freedom granted by the organization, it was a great opportunity to try something different every now and then.

I tried shooting some video on my iPhone with a steadicam rig.  I tried shooting some out of the box, posed photos in unexpected places.  And I tried shooting some fan interaction shots in the foyer of the arena..

It is surprisingly challenging to find a suitable location that services as an interesting backdrop.  They used to have a car in the foyer of the Citizens Business Bank Arena and I tried using that.  I tried shooting the girls in the seating area and that was an interesting experiment.  During the holidays, I tried posing the girls in front of a giant Christmas tree.  And I tried using the souvenir stand as a way to get the girls to pose in a more unique way.

Sometimes finding a suitable location in an arena in which to frame a pretty girl is difficult…it certainly was a challenge for me, but I think I did okay in this case.

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