Flashback Friday – Ladies of Ontario Fury

A few days ago, I learned that the Ontario Fury has decided not to field a dance team this year.  With the passage of the cheerleader minimum wage law in California, the economics of offering a dance team did not work for the Ontario Fury and I would imagine several other minor league sports are also feeling the pinch.  I know that the San Diego Sockers came to the same conclusion last year and the Socker Girls were eliminated.

Fact of the matter is that although professional cheerleaders were egregiously underpaid over the years, dance teams are a significant expense for most franchises and in an era of increasing costs, they have become, in many cases, expendable.  And that is truly unfortunate because I know first hand the value of the Ladies of Ontario Fury and the goodwill that they fostered for the organization with their public appearances, community outreach efforts and junior cheerleader programs.

For me this loss is devastating because I have covered the Ladies of Ontario Fury and their predecessor organization, the Anaheim Bolts Dance Team, for several years.  And the most impressive thing is that under the direction of Lynae de Leon, these two programs have been a hot bed of dance talent and a breeding ground for major league cheerleaders.  Lynae’s girls have gone on to perform with the Laker Girls, Charger Girls, Clippers Spirit, Sacramento Kings, 49ers Gold Rush, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.

In this Flashback Friday post, we recognize the Lynae’s efforts in developing dance talent to fulfill their potential and achieve higher level success.  So here are a few of Lynae’s girls from the past few years that have made it to the next level.  We present: McKenzie, Sativa-Skye, Kellie, Lizzie, Krista, Courtney, Diana, Alex, and Madison.










I hope the Ontario Fury finds the resources to bring back the Ladies of Ontario Fury because they are an asset that cannot be described by mere dollars alone.

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Calibrate Your Monitor in Windows For Best Color Representation

I bought a new ultra book laptop and I was reminded that for the best color representation, you should calibrate your monitor. While perusing some of the websites that I frequent commonly, I noticed that the colors were a bit off…too yellowish green. Windows has a nice tool to calibrate your display and the following video shows you how to do so.

As for Mac users, I am at a loss as I am strictly a Windows guy. I suppose you’ll have to use google to figure out how to calibrate your Mac.

So, if you want to optimize your viewing enjoyment of this site and others, by all means calibrate your monitor!

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Flashback Friday – Los Angeles Chargers Audition Hopeful

The Chargers held their first auditions in their new hometown this past May and the turnout was amazing.  I recognized many former cheerleaders from a variety of professional and semi-professional teams, as well as cheerleaders from several notable universities.  Los Angeles is a hot bed of dance talent and that was readily apparent on this day.

I was well acquainted with one of the audition hopefuls, having photographed her many times at Ontario Fury games. Jessica is a member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury and I have enjoyed photographing her over the past few years. She is a next level dancer and I think we will be seeing her on a major league dance team soon.


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Flashback Friday – Los Angeles Raiderette Michelle Budano

Long before I became a Chargers season ticket holder, I used to be a Los Angeles Raiders season ticket holder.  That was back in the 1990’s…yeah…that long ago.  Football in L.A. was cool and the Raiderettes were very accessible.  Back then, they would come out an hour before kickoff and go up into the seating area and take photos with the fans and sign autographs.  There wasn’t that barrier between the fans and the Raiderettes that you have today.  It was a different time, a more innocent time before things became more serious and unsafe, if you know what I mean.

One of my favorite Raiderettes back then was a girl name Michelle Budano.  She and her sister Melissa were on the team together and it was special.  So in this edition of Flashback Friday, let’s take a look at one of Football’s Fabulous Females…Michelle Budano.

Michelle Budano 2

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Flashback Friday – 2017 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Hopeful


I have been covering the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions for a long time and it is one of my favorite events to cover.  This year’s auditions were the best ever in terms of the quality of candidates that turned out.

When I first began covering the AZCC, they had to run an across the floor routine to eliminate the candidates that couldn’t perform the most basic dance routines, those that were clearly unqualified.  But for the past few years, they haven’t had to run this most basic test of dance competency because of the level of the candidates has been so high in terms of dance technique.  It is a testament to how far this program has come in time that I have been covering them.  Only the best girls try out these days.

So this past year, there were a number of newcomers that had caught my eye.  And one of a strikingly beautiful girl whom I called the “blonde Demi Moore”.  She had looks and dance ability, so I thought she would be a nice fit for the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders and I was right!

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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Danielle Ditonto


One of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph is a CG named Danielle Ditonto.  I guess you could say, she was one of my first CG crushes.  I just loved her smile and she was very photogenic, so I naturally gravitated toward her, photographically speaking.

I think I took this photo back in 2004 with my first digital camera, the venerable Canon EOS 1.  Oh, the good old days!

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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Ashley Monzon

CG Ashley012

Ashley M. had a long history with the Chargers.  She was one of the longest tenured Charger Girls and if my memory serves correctly, she was one or two years shy of the all time record for years of service on the squad…and she had two separate stints with the CGs.  FYI, she was one of my all time favorite CGs to shoot.

Here’s a bonus pic from earlier in her CG career.

CG Ashley015

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