Holidays With The Ladies of Ontario Fury

The Major Arena Soccer League season is underway and the Ontario Fury hosted the Turlock Express this past Friday at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. Fortunately for me, I was able to spend the day after Thanksgiving with the hottest dance team in the MASL, the Ladies of Ontario Fury for game day.











My game days with the Ladies of Ontario Fury are filled with photographic opportunities and I started my day or more properly my evening (it was a night game) off with some posed photographs. The girls greet incoming fans one hour prior to game time and they are available to mingle and take photographs with the fans. You can get up close and personal with the Ladies of Ontario Fury and I did just that, snapping a few photos with the girls in front of a large Christmas Tree.





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Rain Dance – The 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders

Who said it never rains in Southern California?  Well it certainly did last Sunday…and I am sure the visiting Miami Dolphins were well accustomed to that, but for me and 28 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders, it was a surreal experience.













So, what are those spots you see in some of those photos above?  To Southern Californians, they’re more precious than gold…it’s mana from heaven…rain drops.  Now rain wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I found out I was going to shoot the Dolphins game, but its what I got.  And I must say it made for some interesting photographs and the Rams Cheerleaders seemed to take it all in stride and had a great time out there.  I know I did.

It’s been almost two decades since I was last at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  I was a Raiders season ticket holder back then, so coming back to shoot this game brought back some fond memories…and the realization why the Rams need a new crib.  It’s a venerable old stadium, but it’s outdated and the amenities are insufficient for a modern game.  While waiting for the kickoff, several photographers huddled in a cramped area near the west end zone.  We were dodging the rain.  I remember that space being used by the Raiders band back in the 90’s, but it has since been converted to a media room for photographers and their editors to work.  It has the advantage to being very close to the field and the WIFI was good, but…well you know.

Last week, the Miami Dolphins played the Chargers in San Diego and I think they remained in Southern California to play the Rams this Sunday.  Another week, and another opportunity for both teams.  In fact, it was a rather momentous game for the home town Rams as Jared Goff was starting for the first time in his NFL career.  Goff was the number one overall pick in the NFL draft and Rams fans have been eagerly awaiting his debut.  I mean you don’t select a player #1 overall, pay him all that money to let him ride the pine.  No, you got to play him and see what he can do.

And for his first NFL start, Goff did okay, throwing for 134 yards and more importantly zero interceptions.  The Rams led the visiting Dolphins for most of the game, taking a 10 point lead deep into the fourth quarter.  I made the mistake of assuming the game was in the bag with about six minutes to go because up until that point, the Dolphins had only passed for about 70 yards and the Fins hadn’t really threatened to score.  But in their final two possessions of the game, the visitors put together two sustained drives and scored 14 points to steal victory away from the Rams.  And a steal it was because up until that time, the Dolphins only managed to cross mid-field twice…twice in 54 minutes of game play.

Well, I did manage to snap a few game photos and the last one below was from the pass play that won the game for the Dolphins.








Yeah, back in the day I used to shoot other things than cheerleaders…but cheerleaders are all that I shoot today.  So on with the show!

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Philip Rivers Turns San Diego Into Pick City

It was an unseasonably hot Sunday in Southern California…perfect weather for some football.  The Miami Dolphins made a cross country trek to battle the San Diego Chargers in a game that was played more for pride than a chance at the playoffs.  Both teams, sporting mediocre records, are long shots at making the postseason considering that there are three better teams in the AFC West with seven wins each.  Realistically this was a game that had little playoff relevance, but that doesn’t mean it was a game played without entertainment value.  For surely, it was…especially if you were a Dolphins fan.

In a tightly contested game, Philip Rivers threw three touchdown passes to move past John Elway for eighth place on the career list with 301.  But he also threw four costly interceptions, included two bad ones in the final four minutes that sealed the fate of the home team.

Final Score: Dolphins – 31, Chargers -24

It was the Chargers’ Salute to Service game and as you would expect, the Charger Girls wore special military themed uniforms for the event.  And because the Chargers play in San Diego, where the weather is always good, the Charger Girl uniforms were damn skimpy…uh, um…damn sexy.  See for yourself!










With a 4-6 record and three aforementioned AFC West teams with 7 wins, it appears that the Chargers playoff aspirations are at an end.  There’s just not enough games left in the season to improve in the standings.  But that’s okay…I still have the Charger Girls to justify the 120 mile trek down the 15 freeway.

So let’s begin this week’s coverage of the Charger Girls wearing special military themed uniforms with the Captains: Bridget, Teran, Marissa, and Delani.





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2016 Charger Girls – The Portraits Part II

Every now and then, I like to take a few posed photos of the Charger Girls at the Bud Light Power Party.  They are usually signing calendars in this little tented area, which provides a nice white backdrop and cleans up quite nicely in Photoshop.

At the last game, I was able to snap Delani’s and Teran’s lines.  This game day, I was able to complete the set and shoot Bridget’s and Marissa’s lines.  So let’s take a look a this week’s girls.

We begin with Bridget’s line: Bridget, Whitney, Emily, Anna, Madison, Angelica and Kayla N.








Now we turn our attention to Marissa’s line: Marissa, Devin, Tyler, Glory, Tina, Denise and Rebecca.








These girls are great dancers (Duh! They’re NFL cheerleaders!) but they’re not too bad at doing sultry model poses…a vastly different skill set….modeling vs dancing.  What an embarrassment of of riches!

Well, that’s all for now.

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Chargers Run Over the Titans En Route to Victory

On a balmy autumn Sunday, Melvin Gordon rushed for 196 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Chargers in an outburst of scoring that proved to be too much for the visiting Tennessee Titans.  Charger quarterback Philip Rivers chipped in 275 passing yards and two touchdowns and a resilient Bolts defense added two defensive scores to top off the points spasm.

Final Score: San Diego Super Chargers – 43, Tennessee Tuxedos – 35

With the victory, the Chargers improved to 4-5 on the season and keep their thin playoff hopes alive.  Remember this was a team that was leading in the fourth quarter of three of the first four games, only to lose in a most tragic fashion.  The boys in blue could easily be 7-2 and among the division leaders, but alas…they are not.

So, let us turn our attention to the state of the Tennessee Titans.  Although their record suggests mediocrity, you can see positive things happening.  Second year quarterback Marcus Mariota is showing the tremendous potential that inspired the Titans to draft him second overall in last year’s draft.  He threw for 313 yards, three passing touchdowns and had one rushing touchdown.  But he also threw two costly interceptions, one a pick six to Charger defensive back Brandon Flowers.  However, you could see the promise in the young signal caller.

And the Titans have a good rushing attack with the resurgence of running back DeMarco Murray, the old Dallas cast off.  Even though the Chargers held him in check for most of the game, Murray is the second leading rusher in the NFL and I am not too ashamed to say that I am riding him to a fantasy football championship…but I digress.  Yes, good things are happening in Tennessee.

But enough football chit chat…bring on the Charger Girl photos. Well…here you go!











Last game, I was able to sneak a few posed photos of two of the Charger Girl lines at the Bud Light Power Party and this week I photographed the other two.  Here’s a few teaser images from this week’s shoot.




I’ll post the remainder on my personal blog on Friday.

Well, let’s begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Bridget, Teran, Marissa, and Delani.





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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Jacquelyn


It’s almost Christmas time…well sort of.  I know Halloween just passed by, but I saw my first Christmas themed commercial on TV a few weeks ago, so I am going to run with that.  This Flashback Friday photo is my favorite photo of the a Charger Girl wearing their blue velvet Christmas uniforms.  It’s a photo of Jacquelyn who was a three year member of the Charger Girls and a former USC Song Girl.

I think you will agree that Jacquelyn looks quite attractive in that outfit and what a nice way to kick off the holiday season.

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Flashback Friday – Halloween Edition


One of the fun things about the NFL is that Halloween falls during the season and some cheerleading squads take full advantage of this fact.  And in the past, the Charger Girls used to dress up for games that fell near the holiday, but recently there hasn’t been much cosplay for late October games.

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the last time the Charger Girls wore Halloween costumes.  It’s a photo of Hannah wearing a sexy school girl uniform.  You can’t see it in the photo, but Hannah is wearing these high heeled stiletto shoes and cheering in them on the grass along the sidelines.

2010 was an amazing year!

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