Greetings From StubHub Center!

Well, I just came back from my first game at the Chargers’ new home, the StubHub Center and I can confirm their new camera policy…so I got no photos with my DSLR (because I couldn’t bring one in) and to worsen things, my iPhone died on me.  Apparently, I accidentally sketched something while texting and turned off the phone with the app still active and it drained my battery.

For me, it was a strange feeling, sitting there watching the game.  I was fidgeting with my hands all game long, not knowing what to do with them.  You see, for 17 years and more, I always had a camera in my hands and it felt strange with them having nothing to do…talk about muscle memory.  And not being able to take photos of my beloved Charger Girls…strange feelings indeed.

But I do have some observations:

  • Charger games will no longer seem like home games for the opposing team.  There were plenty of Charger fans filling the stadium, unlike last year at Qualcomm.
  • The StubHub Center has great sight lines and is a more intimate environment to watch a game.
  • The food offerings are much better at StubHub Center, but there is no Oggi’s Pizza, which has been my standard meal at Charger games in Qualcomm Stadium.
  • The Chargers cannot win with out Philip Rivers quarterbacking the team and, unsurprisingly, Cardale Jones is not ready to quarterback an NFL team.

And perhaps most saliently…

  • The Charger Girls are still the hottest dance team in the NFL!!!

I can confirm for our readers that this year’s Captains are: Khaleesi…uh…Rebecca, Lauryn, Roxi, and Jenny.  I don’t have any current photos of them, but here are some from year’s past.





Yes…that photo is from 2008 and Jenny has returned to the Charger Girls after a long hiatus and a stint as a Laker Girl.  And she looks better than ever…here’s a pic from this year’s Charger Girl auditions.


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Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Rebecca


So it’s a new day with respect to the Chargers.  They’ve moved to Los Angeles and play their home games at the Stub Hub Center.  Now while that’s good for the Chargers…they did change their camera policy from last year.  No longer are DSLRs with interchangeable lenses allowed…and that is bad news for ticket holders like me who like to take photos of the Charger Girls.  It is simply no longer possible to get the kind of shots that I’ve gotten in the past…like the photo above of Rebecca, one of the most beautiful Charger Girls on this year’s squad.

So until the Chargers change their camera policy to what is was back in San Diego, this is it.  It was a great run while it lasted…from 1999 until 2017.

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Flashback Friday – A Las Vegas Gladiator Goddess Audition Hopeful


In 2006, I was vacationing in Las Vegas and it came to my attention that the Las Vegas Gladiator Goddesses were holding auditions on Fremont Street.  Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to drop on by and I explained to the team Director that I was in town and just happened to see an advert for the auditions.  I told her that I would like to cover the event for and I was granted access to photograph the festivities, up close and personal.  And this is one of the more memorable images I captured during the festivities.

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2017 P-R-O Convention All Star: Houston Texans Cheerleader Lauren C.

We have come to the end of our coverage of the 2017 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta and its been a wild ride with over 250 professional cheerleaders and dancers to photograph.  Of that total, we were fortunate to shoot over 30 girls for this All Star featurette.  It is somehow appropriate that we close our coverage with a Houston Texans Cheerleader.  They showed up in force and were very accommodating to in our efforts to cover the event.  My thanks to Director Alto Gary and her wonderful squad of cheerleaders.

So without further ado…introducing our final 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star…Houston Texans Cheerleader Lauren C.


As you all should know by now, the Houston Texans Cheerleaders are the queens of all social media and if you would like to follow Lauren on twitter, click here: @HTC_LaurenCh.









PRO 2017v153

PRO 2017v188

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2017 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Laken

We are winding down our coverage of the 2017 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta with one of the most photogenic dancers on the Charlotte Honey Bees…and the Honey Bees have a lot of photogenic girls on their squad.  So without further ado, introducing Charlotte Honey Bee Laken, our newest 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star.







PRO 2017v247

PRO 2017v248

PRO 2017v398

Only one more cheerleader left!  See who is our final 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star tomorrow!

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2017 P-R-O Convention All Star: Houston Texans Cheerleader Kesha

Our next 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star is another one of those impressive Houston Texans Cheerleader rookies…introducing Kesha!


Kesha, like all the other HTC, has a twitter page. She currently has 8,500 followers and if you want to check out her twitter page, click here: @HTC_Kesha.







Only two more cheerleaders left! See who is our final two 2017 P-R-O Convention All Stars by checking back soon.

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2017 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Alexis L.

I think that the Charlotte Honey Bees are the hottest dance team in professional sports, top to bottom. They simply have an amazing squad of professional dancers. My only regret is that I didn’t get to photograph all of them…well may be next year! Our next 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star is another one of those simply amazing Honey Bee, introducing Alexis L.








Only three more left, so check back soon to see who is our next 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star!

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