Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Lindsay Oswalt


I have posted this photo before, but it dates back to around the year 2000 and is a scanned images off of a slide…yes, the good old film days before digital cameras hit the main stream.

My memory is kind of fuzzy, but I seem to recall that the Charger Girls had quite a few lookers on that squad (don’t they always?) and that was one of the reason why I became a season ticket holder in 1999.

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Flashback Friday – St. Louis Rams Cheerleader at the 1996 Pro Bowl


In honor of the Rams moving back to Los Angeles, we flash back to the 1996 Pro Bowl and this photo of St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Jessica Mann.  The Rams moved from Los Angeles (Anaheim) to St. Louis in 1995 and Jessica, if memory serves correct, was their first Pro Bowl Cheerleader and she was quite a striking representative.  I remember that Jessica and Shauna Travins, the 49ers Gold Rush representative that year, were the two girls that stood out at that game.

So on this Friday, we flash back to the 1990’s, when they actually played some serious football in the Pro Bowl.  Check out the roster of players from that game.  I see more than a few future hall of famers on that roster.

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May Day Parade – The 2016 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Final Auditions

On May 1st, the Miami Dolphins held their final auditions for their 2016 cheerleader squad at the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center on the campus of Nova Southeastern University.  Over 800 dancers started the process, which included international auditions in Bogota, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and local auditions in South Florida, and climaxed with 77 finalists in a pageant style final that was open to the public.

And regarding the 77 finalists…it was a cavalcade of beauty and talent worthy of one of the most visible entertainment groups in all of professional sports, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.










This is the second year that I have covered the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Final Auditions with our Florida Correspondent, Jackson M.  It is a wonderful event to shoot with the sheer numbers of absolutely gorgeous girls trying out and the unprecedented support we receive from the Dolphins organization, it makes for a magical experience and it is reflected in the shots we get.

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Homecoming: The 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions

Much has been written about the return of professional football to the City of Angels. There were the many abortive attempts over the years to build stadiums that never gained traction among the various stakeholders in the community and in the NFL. And it appeared that the league was more interested in using the threat of relocation to Los Angeles as leverage against other localities to pony up public funds for new stadiums in smaller markets. As the years passed in to decades, fans became more jaded with the less than credible efforts to bring back professional football to Los Angeles, a land of untold riches to the right owner. But things have a way of changing suddenly when billions of dollars are at stake.

What can be said of this long process can be summed up by the adage, “fortune favors the bold”.

Stan Kroenke orchestrated a sudden take back of the nation’s second largest television market by proposing to build, with little or no public funding, not only a stadium, but a mixed use entertainment complex…putting asunder the designs of less ambitious and less serious team owners to the north and south.

Fortune does indeed belong to the bold and Los Angeles belongs to the Rams.

Now let us reap the rewards…and the first of these is the 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.










On Sunday, April 17th, the Los Angeles Rams held their final auditions for their 2016 cheerleading squad. It was held at The Forum, the venerable arena that in a prior era, was the home of the showtime Lakers. Now it is one of the premier venues for concerts and the performing arts in southern California. It was a fitting locale to host the auditions, being a mere stone’s throw from the future home of the Los Angeles Rams.

On this night of nights, there would be a showcase of beauty and talent on display as 66 finalists vied for one of the 28 coveted spots on the squad. There were former cheerleaders and dancers from the Laker Girls, Clippers Spirit, Charger Girls, Baltimore Ravens, the Kings Ice Crew, the Ontario Fury and a host of other semi-pro teams. If the Rams were creating a band, this would be the equivalent of creating a supergroup the likes of Cream, Bad Company, The Highwaymen, The Traveling Wilburys, Journey, or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

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A Time To Shine: The 2016 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

Over the years, one of my favorite events to cover has been the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader auditions. It’s not because I get to photograph some of professional sports most beautiful cheerleaders. It’s not because I am able to shoot in one of the most amazing locations to hold auditions…University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s because of the people I meet here, from the Cardinals staff to the cheerleaders to the other photographers covering the event. They are very nice and so welcoming to me, that I thoroughly enjoy my time here.

Okay, maybe the beautiful girls have a small part in my fondness for this event. Long hours, slaving behind the camera…shooting an endless line of beautiful and talent young women…a lot of hard work and passion goes into covering this event. And like the girls trying out for the squad, for me it is also a time to shine.








I have been covering this event since 2009 and every year, it gets better and better. Better in terms of the sheer number of gorgeous girls that try out. And better in terms of the dance talent that the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders attract. This year, I noticed a number of Phoenix Suns Dancers trying out to make this squad. This was in addition to two girls who came from Japan and a couple of NFL cheerleaders from other teams who tried out their luck.

Over 170 girls registered for this year’s auditions. This included 18 returning veterans who were trying to secure their spot on the 2016 squad. Preliminary auditions would span over two days and include three rounds of dance in front of a judging panel. At the end of the first day, 170 candidates would be whittled down to 57 semi finalists…and that’s when the real competition began.

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Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Kristen

This past weekend, I was in Phoenix, Arizona to cover the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders open call auditions. During the down time, I was able to snap a few photos of Kristen, the AZCC’s Pro Bowl cheerleader from the past season. She was demonstrating the audition routines for the aspirants and I thought that snapping a few pictures of her would be a good teaser for the upcoming article.









There’s more to come from the 2016 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions!

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Meet the 2016 Charger Girls!

The Chargers have announced their 2016 Charger Girls. The new squad features 15 returning veterans and 13 rookies in what may be the last squad to grace the sidelines in San Diego.


Bridget, Blake, Melissa, Shelby, Rose, Lauryn, Courtney, Sydni, Whitney

Teran, Elaine, Kayla Ann, Anna, Delani, Shelbi, Madison, Karissa, Glory, Angelica

Denise, Marissa, Kayla Nicole, Tina, Rebecca, Tawnie, Devin, Emily, Tyler

To read more about the 2016 Charger Girls, please click here.

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