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More Photos From The Broncos Game

Sometimes, I think that being a good sports/dance photographer is like being  a NFL cheerleader. You have to have natural talent and you have to have the dedication to refine your skills to be the best you can be. Not … Continue reading

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Not So Special Team Play Dooms Chargers

Monday Night Football, a packed house, and the first place Denver Broncos coming to town meant that this game was going to be special.  The Denver Broncos sported an undefeated record and the league’s best defense, but all against several … Continue reading

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Check It Out – Cheer! Magazine

Editor’s note:  I am reposting an article that James, my publisher over at, posted regarding a new magazine that may be of interest to Charger Girl fans. The folks at Beckett, the publishers of slew of sports collectible periodicals, … Continue reading

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The 49ers And The Silence of the Lambs

Author’s note: I recently visited my nephew in Berkeley, California and we attended a 49ers game last Sunday, where I took some photos of the Gold Rush Cheerleaders for an article.  I am reposting the article here because the … Continue reading

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