This site is dedicated to “Hottest Dance Team in the NFL”, the San Diego Charger Girls.

In 2004, I was approached by a woman at a Charger game. She noticed that I was taking photographs and asked if I would take a few of this one Charger Girl. She informed me that this particular Charger Girl was her daughter and asked if I could snap a few pics and send them to her. Needless to say, I was taken aback at first, not wanting to show up on an episode of Dateline NBC. But this proud mom was very excited for her daughter and I was convinced it would be okay. As it turned out, the Charger Girl was Ashley Ware and the lady I had spoken with was her mother, Susan.

Over the next few weeks, I took several photographs of my new favorite Charger Girl, Ashley, and after the season, I sent her a CD of images for her and her family to enjoy. A few days later, I received a very nice thank you letter and the next year Susan came down to thank me in person. That season, I took several more photographs of Ashley and the rest of the Charger Girls. At the end of the year, I sent her another CD along with a CD of Charger Girl photos for the rest of the squad to enjoy.

It was about this time that I had also started sending an online acquaintance some of my Charger Girl photos to share with his blog readers. That person was James at UltimateCheerleaders.com. One of my first submissions was an article on how to photograph cheerleaders from an aesthetic point of view. Other submissions were just photographs I had taken that particular week. Soon, I started to add some commentary and it has evolved into what it is today, a regular column of sorts.

This year, I decided to start my own blog dedicated to the Charger Girls. I wanted a site to keep my old articles and to have a place where I could share additional photographs with the squad and their many fans. So, I created The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL as a tribute to my favorite cheerleading squad, the Charger Girls.

Writing for the blog has been very gratifying. I have had the opportunity to meet some very nice Charger Girls and have corresponded with several online friends that I have met because of this endeavor. So, it’s been a very positive experience the last few years and all due to a chance encounter with a proud mom of rookie Charger Girl.

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