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Standing Tough – Chargers Last Minute Goal Line Interception Preserves Win Over Rams

There’s an old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough go get an interception”.  Okay, I made that up, but it is a fitting description to the events that transpired last Sunday in the fiercely contested game between the … Continue reading

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Just Another Day In Paradise: The Chargers vs The Raiders

It was another beautiful day in sunny Southern California.  The weather was a warm 73 degrees and it finally feels like fall has arrived.  Yeah…fall for is us 70 degree weather and clear blue skies…just another day in paradise. And … Continue reading

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Weekend at Bernie’s: Introducing The 2014 Ladies of Ontario Fury

I spent this past weekend at Bernie’s.  That would be Bernie Lilavois, owner and head coach of the Ontario Fury.  I was there to cover the 2014 Ladies of Ontario Fury for the opening weekend of the Major Arena Soccer … Continue reading

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Some Outtakes from the Chargers vs Chiefs Game

Not every position on the Charger Girl line is good for me to shoot.  I can’t really get a good view of the end of the lines and when the girls go into windows, I cannot really shoot the back … Continue reading

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