A Charger Girl Tribute – Lauren

Lauren was a crowd favorite from the first day she took to the sidelines.  I think it’s because her personality shined through her performance.  Consequently, she was a dancer that attracted your attention.  In all the auditions I have been to, this is the quality that is sought after the most…that ability to stand out in a crowd of beautiful and talented dancers.

Lauren was on the Charger Girls for the 2005 and 2006 seasons and if you watched the NFL’s Making the Squad series, you might remember Lauren got engaged towards the end.  She subsequently retired the next season.

So here is my tribute to Lauren.

CG Lauren06 12

CG Lauren06 19

CG Lauren06 09

CG Lauren06 13

CG Lauren06 14

CG Lauren06 17

CG Lauren06 03

CG Lauren06 04

CG Lauren06 05

CG Lauren06 08

I always thought the Charger Girls had the sexiest Christmas uniforms and Lauren looks amazing the the venerable blue velvet uniforms.

CG Lauren06 01

CG Lauren06 02

CG Lauren06 10

CG Lauren06 11

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