Chargers Quoth The Ravens…”Nevermore!”

On the last home game of the season, the Chargers hosted the Baltimore Ravens before a Sunday Night Football audience.  With the Texans loss earlier in the day, the Ravens entered Qualcomm stadium as the #1 seed in the AFC.  At the conclusion of the game, the Ravens held the #5 seed pending the outcome of the Steelers vs the 49ers game on Monday.  The football gods are a fickle bunch and apparently so are the Chargers.

In a game that looked like a balanced affair on paper, the Chargers came out strong and dominated the once and future king of the AFC conference.  Philip Rivers solved his early season turnover problems to lead the Chargers to victory against the surprisingly ineffective Ravens.  Charger running backs scored three rushing touchdowns and the Charger defense forced Ravens QB Joe Flacco into throwing two critical interceptions.  In the end, the Ravens were never really in the game as the Chargers pretty much dominated from start to finish.  Final score:  Chargers – 34  Edgar Allen Poes – 14.

I must admit that the real attraction for me on this Sunday was not the prime time match up of AFC powers.  No, it was the Charger Girls in their blue velvet Christmas uniforms, always a fan favorite.

I look forward to the Christmas game every year because I love the blue velvet uniforms.  They’re sexy and I love the way the cut of the uniform flatters the feminine form.  And apparently I am not the only that like the Charger Girls in their holiday best.  Max Max, the road warrior and our former Arizona Correspondent, abandoned his hometown Cardinals (yet again) to join me in San Diego to photograph the hottest dance team in the NFL.  He drove out from Phoenix in the morning, tailgated in the Bud Light Power Party, watched the game, and then drove all the way back to Phoenix.  For those people who don’t know it, Phoenix is a five and a half hour drive each way from San Diego.  The guy is nuts, but I digress.

And yes, the Charger Girls look very sexy in their blue velvets…just ask the group of 10 – 13 year old boys sitting behind me who must have gone through puberty in the span of the game.  Yes. The Charger Girls were a big hit in my section and those boys really liked looking at Max’s Charger Girl calendar.

Well, let begin this week’s coverage by featuring the Line Captains: Natalie, Katie, Lauren O., and Tiffany.

After the third quarter break performance, Lauren O. was named the Charger’s Pro Bowl cheerleader representative, an honor well deserved.  And that is not the only honors we should mention here.  We have this week’s Charger Girl of the Day to present.  And this week’s honoree told me that she is considering retiring this year.  I certainly hope not because she is an amazing Charger Girl to photograph and one of my favorites.  Introducing this week’s Charger Girl of the Day…Hannah.

Okay, let begin our final game day report of the season with Alexis, Angela, Anjelica, Ariel, Christie, Clarisse, Courtney, and Culture.

Yes Anjelica, it was a tad cold during the game.

Let’s continue our coverage with some photos of Emily, Emma, CGOTD Hannah, Hayley, Jacquelyn, Jennifer, Kara and Katelyn.

We conclude our coverage of the holiday themed Charger Girls with Kimberly, Lauren P., Marissa, Melissa, Nicole, Nina, Starkesha and Tawnie.

I must say, Nicole is always interesting to photograph.  I am not sure what she is doing here, other than having a good time feigning fear, but it was an interesting look nonetheless.  Okay, here’s a nicer shot of the lovely blonde.

With the win over the Ravens and losses by Denver and Oakland on Sunday, the Chargers kept their faint playoff hopes alive.  Beating the Ravens in such a decisive fashion demonstrates that the Chargers have the firepower to defeat the best in the NFL.  But this is also the team that lost six games in a row and in a very self destructive fashion.  I guess that means the Chargers are an anomaly, one week playing as bad as you can imagine and the next week besting the best in the AFC.  The Chargers…a true enigma.

As for me, this is my last Charger game day report for the season.  My time is done for this year…or as the Raven says, “nevermore”.

*               *               *               *               *

I want to thank the 2011 Charger Girls for a wonderful season.  Some of you may be going on to other endeavors and I hope that more than a few of you decide to return for another season.  This has been another great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed photographing each and everyone of you.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Buzz Robinson says:

    David, Thanks for another great season of awesome photography!! Have a Merry Christmas!!
    Also…Thank you to “Santa’s Beautiful Babes In Blue”. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! For those of you who chose to move on from the Charger Girls, I wish you nothing but “Health & Happiness” in your life and I thank you for your service and committment to your community and your team.

    • David Tyau says:

      Merry Christmas to you, Buzz, and all the readers of this blog. I hope you all have enjoyed my photos of the Charger Girls and I encourage you all to come to Qualcomm and take your own. They are that wonderful to shoot.

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