More Photos From The 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Auditions

I love covering the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions.  The girls are gorgeous.  It’s a fun gig to shoot.  And I always get some memorable photographs.  And as always, there are many more photos leftover than what I can use.

So here are some of the outtakes, those that didn’t make it into my article.  Let’s see which of these girls makes it on the the squad.











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Phoenix Reborn: The 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

Spring time is the season of renewal and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, each year hundreds of hopefuls tryout out for NFL cheerleading teams that hope to renew their squads.  For the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders, it is a new era.  Under the leadership of incoming director Erin La Grassa, the 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders look to build upon the past and add to the tradition of excellence established by former director Heather Karberg.

This past weekend, over a hundred young women tried out for the 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders in a season where the local team will host the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl.  Held over the course of several days, the auditions include three rounds of dancing, an interview portion, and a physical fitness/agility test. Continue reading

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2014 Charger Girls Announced!

We lost a lot of veteran talent who retired from the squad this year, but the new squad looks promising!  There are 14 veterans and 14 rookies on this year’s Charger Girls…can’t wait for the season to start.

More information here.

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The Arizona Wildcats Pom Line at the 2014 NCAA West Regionals

Okay so I get another call from Mad Max, who is a credentialed photographer covering the NCAAs. He suggested we meet before the West Regional Final game at the same restaurant as last time to cover the Arizona Wildcats pep rally. He used to live in Phoenix and has a lot of friends from Arizona, some of whom root for the Wildcats. Having been to a Final Four back in 1995, I know how exciting the NCAAs can be and what great photo opportunities they afford. And what the heck, I wasn’t doing anything today except for carving out some time to watch the NCAAs and Da Vinci’s Demons later in the evening…game on!

So I moseyed on down to JT Schmid’s again and when I got there at 1:30 pm, it was already a zoo. Only standing room at the bar. Everywhere else, it was wall to wall Wildcat fans with a smidgen of Badger fans thrown in. So, I meet up with Max. We talk for a bit (he had several hours to kill before he had to check in) and await the arrival of the Arizona Band and Spirit Squad. A little after 3:20 pm, they show up and I am treated to another spirited pep rally. Good fun for all!

It was so crowded in the parking lot area, where the pep rally was held, I was literally three feet away from the dance team…way too close. I had to use my wide angle zoom to get some decent shots. So here you go.

Let me just start off this cavalcade of Wildcat Dance Teamers with, perhaps, the most beautiful cheerleader (I know, it’s the dance team, but I am using the generic term “cheerleader”) in the PAC-12. I am kind of partial to my own UCLA Dance Team (they have a lot of lookers on this year’s squad) and the Oregon Ducks are renown for their good looks, but the Arizona Wildcats Pom Line is among the cream of the crop in the PAC-12 and there was one in particular who was quite striking. In my blog posts, I like to highlight those girls who stand out from the crowd, so here she is…the PAC-12′s most beautiful cheerleader (Yes, I know…it’s the dance team).






And the rest of the Arizona Pom Line is pretty darn attractive as well. Kudos to them for putting on a great show for us fans today.






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The Wisconsin Badgers Dance Team at the 2014 NCAA West Regionals

So my good friend Mad Max (no last names) was in town to support his Wisconsin Badgers as they continue their journey through the 2014 NCAA Basketball tournament.  He suggested we meet up at JT Schmid’s restaurant to catch up on old times.  The Wisconsin Spirit Squad and band would be holding a pep rally there and he thought that might be a fun thing to shoot.

Great idea.  I love pep rallies and Anaheim wasn’t too far away from where I live.  Done deal.

So I snapped a few shots of the Wisconsin Dance Team…well three of the four there.  And here’s what I got yesterday evening.







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More Photos From The 2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Final Audition

The St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Final Audition was a three hour affair and I took many photos.  Too many photos.  From the 2,400+ photos I took, I had about 600 to consider for the article and used about 80 or so.  And that means I have many more that I want to share with you, particularly since there were so many beautiful girls.

So I want to start with the girl who stood out the most amongst all of the candidates.  She was a great dancer and she look absolutely gorgeous in her audition outfit.  When I saw her dance live, I knew she would make the squad.  There’s just some girls that you know are going to make it and she was one.

2014 Rams171

2014 Rams163

2014 Rams166

2014 Rams168

2014 Rams169

2014 Rams164

2014 Rams159

Okay, enough of her.  Let’s turn our attention to another girl that stood out.  She was a Captain last year and another shoe in for the squad.  I think we all knew it, but the staff called out her name last and I am sure she sweated it out a bit.  But it was obvious that Holly was one of the best dancers and clearly one of the best looking girls.

2014 Rams147

2014 Rams141

2014 Rams143

2014 Rams152

And there was another girl, a former Rams Cheerleader from two years ago who was trying out again. I think her name is Taylor. She was another girl whom you knew was going to make it…and she did!

2014 Rams188

2014 Rams189

2014 Rams191

2014 Rams198

2014 Rams200

There was this Asian girl who had “The Look” and she was another girl who was definitely going to make it. I think she’s going to be a rookie because I don’t remember her from the past auditions I attended.

2014 Rams192

2014 Rams193

2014 Rams194

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Behind The Scenes At The 2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions

It takes a lot of time and effort to put on a pageant style final auditions because it is really a show rather than an audition.  It is a carefully choreographed stage production, with a script and timing sheet.  There was a stage manager who was in charge of the whole production and an audio and light crew as well.  This is really a big production, not just an event where some girls are dancing in front of some judges.

And as such, the finalists had an early call to get their hair and make up done.  With 56 girls and a handful of make up and hair stylists, this was going to take some time to get all of the girls ready for show time.

After their hair was done, the girls queue up to get their make up done.

While waiting for their turn with the stylists, took the opportunity to rehearse the final dance audition on stage.

After all the girls had their hair and make up done, the stage manager called all the girls to the stage for their opening position and ran through the evening’s schedule. Girls were told where to stand for each audition portion and how to enter and exit the stage.

Five minutes before showtime, the girls gathered backstage to await the start of the pageant.

Like I said, it takes a lot of work to put on a show like this.  And for 32 young women, all that hard work paid off.

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