Flashback Friday – Charger Girl Blake B.


Last week, I attended the Charger Girl auditions at the Bay Club South Bay and had a wonderful time covering the event for UltimateCheerleaders.com.  It was a long day and my arms were very sore from holding up my camera equipment for hours on end and not even the company of 150+ gorgeous girls could mitigate my suffering…but life goes on, eh.   I guess I am getting old.

In honor of the NFL’s Hottest Dance Team, we take a look back at another amazing Charger Girl from years past.  Her name…Blake and if memory serves correct, she was a former Laker Girl and a Disney Princess cast member during her time as a Charger Girl.

Oh and if you have been paying attention to the other Los Angeles NFL team, you may have noticed that a certain blonde bombshell named Blake B. made the 2018 Rams Cheerleaders…congratulations to one special girl.

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