Flashback Friday – 2012 St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Auditions

STL 2012 283

I think that my experience covering the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders over the years can be summarized as the best two and a half hours of photographic fun.  These pageant style audition finals are jam packed with activities and include an interview, swimsuit and dance portion…with each segment providing amazing photographic opportunities.  I was given a fair amount of latitude in terms of shooting behind the scenes and moving about the venue once the finals began, so I was able to get some amazing photos.  And I should mention that Missouri girls are hot!

The trip to St. Louis was really fun, almost a mini vacation…a working vacation.  I stayed in a cool place, the Moonrise Hotel, which was a few doors down from the audition site, the Pageant Theatre.  And there were some really great eateries within walking distance of the Moonrise…my favorite being a tasty Italian restaurant called Tavolo V.

I kind of wish the Rams were still in St. Louis…good times indeed.

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