Flashback Friday – Charlotte Honey Bee Sam at the 2015 PRO Convention in Atlanta

2015 PRO 100

2015 was a great year.  There were so many hot squads and hot cheerleaders at the 2015 PRO  Convention in Atlanta, the premiere professional cheerleading and dance convention in the business, that I was in awe.  The PRO Convention is an amazing event to cover because it allows me the opportunity to get some truly amazing photographs and every year, I try to up my game and exceed my limitations…photographically speaking.

Anyways, back to Sam and the Charlotte Honey Bees.  I have said many times in the past that the Charlotte Honey Bees are the hottest dance team in all of professional sports…bar none.  And in 2015, every Honey Bee in attendance was drop dead gorgeous and I truly regretted being unable to photograph all of them in a one on one setting…there simply wasn’t enough time to do so.

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