Flashback Friday – Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Kristen


I have been covering the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions for several years and over that time, I have become acquainted with a few of them.  I mean you see them every year…the ones that make the team…and you see them in Atlanta at the PRO Convention…you get to know them a little…and some of them get to know you a little too.

One that got to know me, knew me only because I always used to get her name incorrect.  I used to call her Angie, for some reason, and I guess that’s how she remembered me…the photographer guy that could never get her name straight.  I eventually learned her name…Kristen.

Well that became a running gag every time I saw her since then and in 2015 she became the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Pro Bowl representative.  The following year, Kristen was the AZCC who taught all the routines to the aspiring cheerleaders at the 2016 auditions and in between rounds, I snapped the above photograph.

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