Flashback Friday – Images From the 2018 Rose Parade

New Year’s greetings from Pasadena, California!  In this episode of Flashback Friday, I would like to share some photos from the 2018 Rose Parade.

I celebrated the new year, by waking up extra early and donning a white suit before arriving on scene at TV corner, near the intersection of Orange Grove and Colorado Boulevard.  I began my parade duties in earnest by shuttling the President of the Tournament of Roses and this year’s Queen from the parade opening to their respective parade vehicles, some quarter mile away.  Then I rushed back to the HQ trailer to assume my normal duties, assisting in the dispatching of tow trucks to aid disable floats that may have broken down along the parade route.  This year, we towed three floats…not good.

Since I am relatively redundant with respect to the tow truck dispatching function, I slipped away for a few minutes to watch the parade and sneak a few photographs of the two university bands who would be playing in the Rose Bowl game.

And this is what I got…oh and since this is a blog about cheerleaders, I’ve left out the photos of equestrian units, marching bands and floral floats…who wants to look at stinky horses when you can look at some festive cheerleaders.



Yeah, I didn’t get many shots of the Oklahoma cheerleading squad or the OU Pom squad…being that the Sooners have been to the Rose Bowl before, they knew that there is a TV and non-TV side to the float and positioned themselves to maximize exposure.  Unfortunately, I was on the non-TV side of the street and there was “no joy”.  The good news was that Georgia brought a large band and a large contingent of cheerleaders, majorettes, and flag girls…I guess they came out in full force being that this was their first appearance in the Rose Bowl since the 1940’s.




This is Southern California…the weather is nice, even in winter…it was 80 degrees…no need for self tanner…just go on down to one our many beaches and wear a swimsuit!  Two hours later…boom!  Tan au naturel.













Who doesn’t love a parade?  It’s a part of Americana…mounted horses, floral floats, marching bands and pretty girls!

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