Flashback Friday – Washington Redskins Cheerleader Amanda


Road trips are always fun and a few years ago I was able to catch a Washington Redskins game in Landover, MD.  I have never been to D.C. and technically, I still haven’t been, but I’ve always wanted to go.  Unfortunately, FedEx Field was as close as I got.

Back then, one of the squads that I always wanted to photograph was the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders because they had one of the hottest cheerleading squads in the NFL and they wore the sexiest uniforms in professional cheerleading…kind of ironic because the Mid Atlantic states tend to be rather conservative, particularly when you get to the more rural areas.  People out there love their religion, love their football, and love their cheerleaders to wear skimpy outfits…and so do I!

Anyway, this photo was taken before the game at one of the ticketed party areas inside the stadium.  Two lines of the WRC made appearances there and they performed for 10 minutes each session…and I mean 10 minutes of solid and continuous dancing.  That was something that I had never seen before…a squad dancing for that long at a pregame party.

Good times!

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