2017 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Laura

In my opinion, the Charlotte Honey Bees are the hottest dance team in the NBA…and perhaps the hottest in all of professional sports.  Top to bottom, the Honey Bees are the most impressive dance team.  Period.

To me, the only downside to being the hottest dance team in the NBA is that they’re in Charlotte…and I’m in Los Angeles.  But every year that I come to P-R-O, I get to shoot the amazing Honey Bees because their director is Brandii McCoy and she’s one of the principals of AllPRO3, the people who organize this great dance convention.  And the most photogenic cheerleader at the convention is our next 2017 P-R-O Convention All Star…introducing Honey Bee Laura.


Laura has a secret to share with you…in addition to being the most photogenic cheerleader at P-R-O, she was also voted cheerleader with the best hair!  And that is critical for those all important hair flips that the choreographers love to put in their routines.








Okay, the real secret that Laura has to share is…that her sister Courtney is on the Honey Bees!


We will see more of Courtney in the near future, but check back tomorrow when we post our Day 1 P-R-O Convention article with many, many images of the most beautiful and talented professional cheerleaders and dancers!

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