Flashback Friday – Ladies of Ontario Fury Video


This was the first video I made for UltimateCheerleaders.com.  I used my old iPhone 5s and the iMovie app and cobbled together this video as an experiment.  I had great time working with the Ladies of Ontario Fury. They’re fun to be around and are game for any crazy idea I come up with.

I think I did okay for the first time creating a video.  The main thing in this process was having a concept for the video and transforming those visualizations into substance…and then editing them together in a coherent sequence.  It was a fun experiment and I came away with a desire to do more in the medium, but I also understood that first and foremost  I am a photographer and if I wanted to do video at these events, I wouldn’t be able to shoot stills at the same time.  They are two separate disciplines that demand your whole attention span.  You can’t do both and do them properly because in the end, you’d get something half-assed….so for now, I’ll stick with still photos.

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