Flashback Friday – Anaheim Arsenal A-List Girl Teri


One of my first official assignments (e.g. credentialed) for UltimateCheerleaders.com was shooting an NBA D-league game for the Anaheim Arsenals back in 2009.  It was a tough assignment because the lighting in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena was poor to say the least.  Previously, UC.com had sent another correspondent to cover the team but she was unable to get the goods, so my publisher sent me…and I delivered.  Because of this, I was able to secure more high profile gigs, but this game day was the beginning for me with respect to UltimateCheerleaders.com.

Back in the early days of the blog, we were trying to establish our credibility and build relationships with cheerleading organizations. That was the challenge…to do so and do so professionally. Delivering high quality content that they could leverage was imperative to show that we weren’t just some guys with cameras.

Now the A-list girls were filled with former cheerleaders for other major league teams, but on this day there was this one girl who stood out above the rest.  She was very photogenic and what I remember about her was that her eyes sparkled and she had this wonderful smile.  Her name was Teri and she is our Flashback Friday cheerleader.


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