2015 Charger Girls of the Day

The middle part of the calendar year is always a slow time of the year for me, so this is where I usually do a retrospective on the past season’s Charger Girls of the Day.

2015 was a season of promise and one foreboding an uncertain future. You see, the team itself was in a state of flux with new players in key positions and the needs were many. But as each season approaches, there is optimism for the future. Fans were excited at the prospects of Melvin Gordon, the record breaking running back from Wisconsin and third year wide receiver Keenan Allen.

As for the organization, there was a sense of foreboding in that the owner, Dean Spanos, had officially made it known that the Chargers were looking to relocate to Los Angeles after their attempt to broker a stadium deal in San Diego had born no fruit. As a result, many fans stayed away from Qualcomm, making it a veritable home game for many visiting teams. The Chargers had alienated many of their fans and were fast becoming a lame duck team.

If 2015 wasn’t quite the year for the team that one could have hoped for, with respect to the Charger Girls, it was another fabulous year with an influx of new talent and a core of veterans returning to the sidelines for another season.

On with the show.

Our first Charger Girl of the Day was a familiar face…Shelbi. She has given me some of the most memorable images over the years because she is quite simply one of the most beautiful and photogenic Charger Girls and she has this wonderful personality that shines through…part vamp, part girl next door…always captivating.


The second home game of the preseason is usually a Salute to the Military themed affair and the Charger Girls wear some rather sexy military themed uniforms. Delani was our Charger Girl of the Day on this occasion and the reason why she was selected was because she always delivers some amazing photographs. Like our previous award winner, Delani has this wonderful photogenic quality that really makes her stand out in big way.


The first regular season home game was against the Detroit Lions, one of the few wins of the season. Our Charger Girl of the Day was Roxi, a former Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader who is originally from California. What can I say…Arizona’s loss was our gain. Over the course of the season, Roxi would give me many memorable photos.


I was feeling a bit under the weather for Week 4 and skipped the game because of a bout of vertigo that I was dealing with…I didn’t think it was wise to drive a 127 miles to the stadium when my vision was impaired, so I only attended 9 home games in 2015.

The following week was a Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a sold out game and there were many, many Steeler fans in attendance…it really was almost a Steelers home game. Our Charger Girl of the Day was a rookie named Rebecca, who caught my eye because she has this wonderful smile and looks amazing in the Charger Girl uniform.


Another very photogenic rookie, Allie, was one of three former Arizona Pom Squad members. She was our Charger Girl of the Day for Week 7 and another Charger Girl who consistently gave me some great shots over the course of the season. This was shaping up to be one amazing squad and a lot of rookies left a lasting impression.


Week 9 was another themed event honor our veterans and it was fitting that second year veteran Elizabeth was selected as Charger Girl of the Day. Elizabeth really has this wonderfully seductive look that lends itself to some very memorable photographs.


It is somewhat uncommon for a girl to win this award twice in a season, but to be fair this award should go to the Charger Girl who has given me the most memorable photos in a given week. And for Week 11, that Charger Girl was Delani…our first two time CGOTD of 2015…our only two time CGOTD of 2015.


Another rookie who had given me quite a few memorable photos over the course of the season was Taylor. She was actually the runner up a couple of times and in Week 13 she earned the award for the first time.


The “Christmas game” is one of my favorite games of the season to shoot because the Charger Girls wear these sexy, blue velvet uniforms. The one piece outfit is form fitting and very flattering to the female form, making for a quite wonderful photograph. And Week 15’s Charger Girl of the Day was Bridget J., another very photogenic Charger Girl who always delivers the goods on game day.


Well 2015 wasn’t such a great year for the Chargers, who finished the season 4-12 and seemed to regress from prior years. But 2015 was another great year for the Charger Girls who selected another squad of beautiful and talented girls. They are clearly among the class of the league’s dance teams and have been so for many years under the direction of Lisa Simmons.

On a side note, I forgot to do this annual Charger Girl of the Day retrospective last year for the 2014 season’s Charger Girls of the Day…but I recently addressed this oversight and posted that article a short time ago. To view that article and see the 2014 Charger Girls of the Day, please click here.

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