Top 10 Cheerleader Photos of 2015

Another year has come and gone and as we look back at 2015, we feature our top 10 favorite cheerleader photos from the past year.

10. Charlotte Honey Bee Kat at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

2015 PRO 257

I have been going to the annual P.R.O. Convention in Atlanta for the past several years.  The P.R.O. Convention is the premiere professional cheerleading and dance convention in the world.  And every year, I get to photograph some of the most beautiful cheerleaders in professional sport and 2015 was no different.

This year, I was treated to a bevy of absolutely gorgeous Charlotte Honey Bees and one of them was a girl named Kat who looked stunning while doing something as mundane as learning a new dance routine.  Stunning….absolutely stunning.

9. Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Sativa-Skye


The next image on this list is more about the girl than the photo.  To me, the real reason why this photo is compelling is because the girl, Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Sativa-Skye, is an amazing dancer and a beautiful girl.  I first saw her at last year’s Ladies of Ontario Fury auditions and I knew she would make the squad…she was that memorable.  In my opinion, she is a next level talent and she was a finalist for this year’s Phoenix Suns Dancers, barely missing the cut.  It is only a matter of time before she makes it big.  Comparing photos from last year to this year, you can see a beautiful and talented girl blossoming into womanhood.

Sativa-Skye is special and she’ll make it onto an NBA dance team soon, but for now we can enjoy her talents as a Ladies of Ontario Fury Dance Team member.

8. Los Angeles Laker Girl Jessie

Laker Girls032715v074

Last year I made it out to a LA D’fenders game to photograph the world renowned Laker Girls.  Los Angeles NBA D-League team is nothing special, but their cheerleaders are and whenever you get a chance to photograph one of the most iconic dance teams in professional sports, you should avail yourself of that opportunity.  And I did and I snapped this shot of Laker Girl Jessie, who is one of the most gorgeous girls on the squad.

Coincidentally, I photographed Jessie a few years ago at the PAC 10 Basketball Tournament at the Staples Center…she was cheering for the Arizona Wildcats at the time.

7. Jets flight Crew Cheerleader Tara at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

JFC Tara 2015 04

One of my favorite events to cover is the annual P.R.O. Convention in Atlanta.  It is the premier professional cheerleading and dance convention in the world…no lie…there are literally hundreds of gorgeous cheerleaders in attendance…and I pretty much get to shoot them all!  Now I’ve got to be honest and fess up that I had my eye on one particular girl, a pretty blonde Jets Flight Crew cheerleader named Tara.  And I made it a point to put her on my shoot list.

When I think of Tara, I think of the girl next door that you grew up with playing catch football and trapping polliwogs in the creek out back.  Then one day, perhaps when you come back from college for the holidays, you suddenly realize that this girl next door has grown up into the hot girl next door…who happens to be a professional cheerleader.

That who Tara is.  She’s a dream girl…a girl who loves to play and watch sports (hockey and football in her case) and is a professional cheerleader for the New York Jets!  What’s not to love.

Well, I got my chance to shoot her up close and personal…coincidentally, she was the last cheerleader I shot at P.R.O that year and we had a blast.  And this is my favorite shoot from that series, which you can see here!

6. St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Finalist

STL 2015 276

Another one of my favorite events to shoot is the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions.  Its unique for me in that it is a pageant style audition with three distinct phases to cover: an interview portion, an swimsuit portion and a dance portion.  So it makes for some interesting photographs and every year, the Rams seem to attract the hottest girls from the Midwest for their auditions.  And this year was no exception.

To me, the hottest girl at the audition was this girl, but unfortunately she didn’t make the cut. Ironic, since she was exceptionally good looking and a pretty good dancer.

I hope there will another audition for the St. Louis Rams next year but I think the odds are that they will be the first NFL team to relocate to Los Angeles.  Whether that’s in 2016 or 2017, who knows.

5. Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Blair at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

2015 PRO 804

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are one hot squad…one of my favorites to shoot at P.R.O.  And the hottest Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader is Blair.  I first saw her a few years ago at P.R.O. and she left a lasting impression with her drop dead gorgeous looks and amazing dance ability.

Its been a while since I last saw her and so I made it a priority to snap a few shots of this amazing cheerleader.  She has a lot of personality that shows when she dances and combined with her gorgeous looks, she’s has become one of my favorite cheerleaders to shoot.  It’s too bad I live in Los Angeles…Minneapolis is so far away.  But the Vikings have a new stadium next year, so a road trip might be in order!

4. Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Elizabeth at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

2015 PRO 427

It has been my opinion that for the past several years, the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders have one of the hottest squads in the NFL.  They have some of the most beautiful girls in the NFL and this year they got some super sexy new uniforms made by The Line Up…the leader in create performance apparel.  I have always believed that there are two things that make a hot squad: 1) hot girls and 2) sexy uniforms.  The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders have both.  And the hottest Tennessee Titans Cheerleader is a second year veteran named Elizabeth.  I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for tall, leggy blondes that have pretty faces…so sue me.

Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful cheerleaders I have ever photographed and she is, like many of the other girls on this list, a great dancer.  That in combination with a sexy uniform makes for some compelling photographs and that is why this photo of Elizabeth is one of my top photos of 2015.

3. Charlotte Honey Bee Sam at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

2015 PRO 101

The Charlotte Honey Bees have the hottest dance team in all of professional sports.  They have the hottest girls and some of the sexiest uniforms, if in a sort of minimalist way.  And I was fortunate to photograph most of them at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention in Atlanta.

One of the new girls at the convention that caught my eye was one named Sam and like the other girls on her squad, she is drop dead gorgeous and a great dancer.  Sam is tall, leggy and rather statuesque…which makes for some impressive images.  Another quality that she shares with her teammates is that she is very photogenic, particularly while performing.  There were many beautiful girls at P.R.O. but not all of them were photogenic and Sam was one the most photogenic girls there.

You can see more photos of this amazingly beautiful cheerleader here.

2. Charlotte Honey Bee Victoria at the 2015 P.R.O. Convention

Honeybee 2015 Victoria 03

I said this before and I will say it again, the Charlotte Honey Bees are the hottest looking dance team in all of professional sports…bar none.  And it’s no coincidence that I have featured two girls from that squad, but the hottest cheerleader at P.R.O. and perhaps the hottest cheerleader in the NBA is a Charlotte Honey Bee named Victoria Vesce.

Victoria is a second year member of the Charlotte Honey Bees and she’s a dancer, model, and beauty pageant winner.  I have photographed many beautiful cheerleeaders over the years, but I cannot think of one that is more beautiful and photogenic than Victoria.  She is, perhaps, the most beautiful cheerleader I have ever photographed.  She is a rare beauty, indeed.

You can see more photos of her here and read more about her on her facebook page.

1. Charger Girl Shelbi Buchholz.


Shelbi is one of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph because she has this wonderful joie de vivre while she dances along the sidelines.  I describe her as fun, sexy, flirty, joyful, exuberant, and playful.  She has this wonderfully vampish look at times and sometimes she has this wonderful girl next door look…and I don’t know which look I like better (okay…its Shelbi as the vamp).  Regardless, she always is pleasure to photograph because she rarely takes a bad or uninteresting photograph.  And it doesn’t hurt that she is remarkably good looking with her blonde locks and piercing blue eyes.

Vamp. Temptress. Girl next door.  All American girl.  Shelbi is all of these and more.  And for this, she makes the top of our list of favorite photographs of the year.

Here’s a bonus pic of our golden girl.


2015 was a good year…a very good year.

Well that’s all for now…I don’t know what is ahead in the coming year, but I will endeavor to do my best to photograph the most beautiful cheerleaders in all of professional sports.

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