2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Molly

As we begin to wind down our coverage of the 2015 P-R-O Convention, we still have a few more cheerleaders to feature. Purple must be my favorite color because I seem to be attracted to all the cheerleaders that were wearing purple at the convention…it’s a flattering color…at least in my opinion. And our next honoree wears purple well and she happens to be a five year veteran of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders…introducing Molly, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

MVC Molly 2015 01

MVC Molly 2015 05

MVC Molly 2015 03

MVC Molly 2015 08

MVC Molly 2015 06

MVC Molly 2015 04

MVC Molly 2015 07

MVC Molly 2015 02

MVC Molly 2015 10

MVC Molly 2015 09

More to come.

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