2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Victoria

Around this time last year, the Charlotte Lady Cats became the Charlotte Honey Bees and when they arrived in Atlanta, they were in the process of designing their new uniforms and building their organizational identity.  As a consequence, they did not have the distinctive team wear that they were known for when they were the Lady Cats.

This year, with a season under their belt, the Honey Bees rolled into Atlanta and brought what seemed like their entire squad with them.  They had a large contingent at P-R-O and they were, as usual, quite an impressive group of young women.  And they had their Honey Bee attire…no more black and white Punchinello dance pants.

I can say with certainty that the Honey Bees are the hottest dance team in the NBA…top to bottom, hands down.  And I was able to shoot a few of them for this series, but for today we would like to recognize one of their bevy of beauties…one that is not only drop dead gorgeous, but extremely photogenic.  Introducing Honey Bee Victoria, our latest 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  01

Victoria is a former NHL Cheerleader for the Carolina Hurricanes and the reigning Miss Charlotte USA 2015.  She’s a stunning beauty who can now add the title of P-R-O Convention All Star to her list of accomplishments!

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  13

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  11

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  03

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  05

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  12

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  04

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  10

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  15

Honeybee 2015 Victoria  07

2015 PRO  171

2015 PRO  168

Honey Bee Victoria…our latest 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

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