2014 Charger Girls of the Day

Over the years, I have honored the cheerleader that gave me the most memorable photo of the week with the Charger Girl of the Day award. And 2014 was another good year for the Charger Girls…no, make that a great year. So let’s begin our retrospective of the 2014 Charger Girls of the Day.

The first home game of the preseason was the Charger’s Salute to the Military game and our first honoree was a Charger Girl named Bridget J., who looked quite amazing dressed up in her Marines themed costume. I must say that the Charger Girls have the sexiest military themed cheerleader uniforms in the NFL…by far.


There were two Charger Girls named Bridget on the 2014 squad and for the second preseason game, the CGOTD award went to the other Bridget…Bridget C., who was an Oregon Duck cheerleader.


The first regular season game was a scorcher between the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and the Chargers…and I mean scorcher…it was 118 degrees on the field. What I recall of the game was that the heat really seemed to bother the Seahawks as they played lethargically after the second quarter and really got pushed around by the Chargers.

The Charger Girl of the Day was awarded to Shelbi, one of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph. She’s one of the most beautiful Charger Girls and one of the most photographic girls on the squad.


Our next Charger Girl of the Day would turn out to be a two time award winner in 2014. Lindsay was special and every now and then, she would give me these absolutely killer shots. And in the fourth home game of the season, she gave me more than a few memorable ones.


The following week saw the Jets come to town and the game was a laffer with the Chargers defeating the Jet by the score of 31-0. And the Charger Girl of the Day was Delani, who would become one of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph.


Our next 2014 Charger Girl of the Day was another Charger Girl who consistently gave me wonderful photographs over the years. Natalie was a Captain in 2014 and one of the longest tenured Charger Girls.


Week 11 was the Charger’s salute to veterans and the Charger Girls once again wore their military themed uniforms for the game. Our Charger Girl of the Day was a rookie named Denise who caught my eye and she really looked amazing in her green army themed cheerleader uniform.


Week 12 saw a return to normalcy in terms of the Charger Girl’s uniforms. This week’s Charger Girl of the Day was a cheerleader named Tina, who would go on to be a line captain in the following year.


Our next 2014 Charger Girl of the Day was a previous award winner. I called her the Charger’s Golden Girl that year because of her photogenic qualities and you know her as Charger Girl Lindsay.


Our final 2014 Charger Girl of the Day was a very special Charger Girl. Angela was the one Charger Girl who game me the most memorable photos of any Charger Girl over the past four or five years and we always has some special mojo going on when my camera was trained on her. And she looked very special while wearing the blue velvet Charger Girl Christmas uniform.


2014 was another special year for the Charger Girls…aren’t they all!

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