Charger Girl Audition Photos from

The Chargers have updated their website with 53 photos from day 1 of the 2015 Charger Girl auditions.  And since I have more than a passing interest, here’s what we know.

Here are the veterans that are trying out again.  I hope your favorite CGs from 2014 are trying out again.

Looks like crowd favorite Anjelica is trying out again…I am very pleasantly surprised because my last conversation with her, she left me with the impression that the odds were that she was retiring.

And apparently Shelbi is trying out again.  I am sure that will please her legion of loyal fans…and she DOES have a legion of loyal of fans.

While perusing the coverage, I spotted a few Ladies of Ontario Fury girls trying out.  There’s Kaitlyn, Krista, and Christine (far left, group photo) if I am not mistaken.

This hopeful kind of looks like Kaylee of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, who was their Pro Bowl Cheerleader this year.  The resemblance is striking.

And this one looks like Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Roxi.

Good luck to her and all of the candidates.

Well, we should know in a few days who made it, when the 2015 Charger Girl squad is announced.  Stay tuned to for the official announcement.

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