Friday Night With The Laker Girls

So I went to an L.A. D-Fenders game on Friday, something I haven’t done in a few years.  I was there with a friend, who always tries to catch a game at the Toyota Center every time he’s in town during the season.  Why?  Because the D-Fenders’ dance team are the Laker Girls.  And it is a rare treat when you can see the Laker Girls up close and personal.

Laker Girls032715v072

Laker Girls032715v032

Laker Girls032715v008

Laker Girls032715v027

Laker Girls032715v042

Laker Girls032715v078

Laker Girls032715v073

Laker Girls032715v068

Laker Girls032715v085

Laker Girls032715v061

Laker Girls032715v082

Laker Girls032715v041

Laker Girls032715v019

Laker Girls032715v074

Laker Girls032715v043

Laker Girls032715v035

Laker Girls032715v006

Laker Girls032715v004

Laker Girls032715v015

Laker Girls032715v028

Laker Girls032715v030

Laker Girls032715v005

Laker Girls032715v011

Laker Girls032715v021

Laker Girls032715v024

Laker Girls032715v037

Laker Girls032715v039

Laker Girls032715v047

Laker Girls032715v044

Laker Girls032715v059

Laker Girls032715v063

Laker Girls032715v053

Laker Girls032715v064

Laker Girls032715v077

Laker Girls032715v079

Laker Girls032715v069

Laker Girls032715v071

Laker Girls032715v086

Laker Girls032715v056

Laker Girls032715v048

Laker Girls032715v026

Laker Girls032715v010

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