The Portraits – 12/07/14

Here are the remainder of the portraits of Natalie’s and Clarisse’s line from last Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

I don’t feel too bad snapping these pics because there’s always a lull during their calendar signing. It seems like there’s a line up of autograph seekers when the girls arrive and after the last one is finished, there’s a lot of time for people to snap some individual shots.  And let me say, there were a lot of Patriot fans asking to pose for photos with the Charger Girls…seems like they’ve never seen professional cheerleaders before, judging by the way they were lustily posing with the Charger Girls.

Here’s a nice shot of Shelbi for her fan club. She will be competing in the 2015 Miss California USA pageant in January along with former Charger Girls Jenny Ting and Alexis Swanstrom.




And this is Natalie, a sixth year veteran that has only two more years to tie the record for longest tenured Charger Girl.  (Hint, hint)


Here’s Gabrielle with a classic cheerleader pose.


Elizabeth is Muy Caliente!




Is this Devin or Whitney?


The astute reader will have noticed that I am kind of posting these in reverse alphabetical order, so it’s DEVIN!

(I hope I am correct…no, it’s Devin…yeah I’m sure…Devin)

“Hello, Clarisse”, he said with an Anthony Hopkins intonation. Yeah…that never gets old.


Up next are a pair of Bridgets, who attended two different PAC 12 schools…ASU and Oregon.




Up next is Alexis. You know, I’ve often wondered what kind of car she drives? My guess…a Lexus.

(Hey, you wanna see the photos, you gotta put up with the puns! Dems the rules, Pal-ly.)


There were more than a few Patriots fans at the Bud Light Power Party, ogling the Charger Girls and trying to be “too cool for school”.  So I happened to mention to them that Alexa was a former New England Patriots Cheerleader and that her father was former Patriot and Charger QB Doug Flutie. That seemed to impress those “townies”.

Maybe this will impress them too.


And we conclude with Alexandra from the great city of La Canada, CA, home to many scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She was a former Clippers Spirit dancer and member of the Anaheim Bolts Dance Team.


That’s all for now.  Next week…the Christmas Uniform game against the Denver Broncos.  Woo Hoo!  Go Chargers!

*                *               *               *               *

Okay, one last test…Devin or Whitney?


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