Only Half Good: The Jaguars vs The Chargers

This past Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars leaped into town to play the surging Chargers.  In an effort to shake things up, the winless Jaguars started their quarterback of the future and Blake Bortles showed us why he is so highly regarded.  With a strong arm and a fearless mentality, Bortles completed 29 of 37 passes for 253 yards and one touchdown.  But he also threw two interceptions and showed off why he is the Jags’ quarterback of the future, not the present.

The Jaguars scored 14 first half points, but were held scoreless in the second half as the Chargers put together two solid halves of football and scored 23 unanswered points.  Charger QB Philip Rivers played a complete game, passing for 377 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, leading the Boys in Blue to the victory.

Final Score:  Chargers – 33, Jaguars – 14

With the victory, the Chargers improved to 3 -1, good enough for first place in the AFC West.  The loss drops the Jaguars to 0-4 and keeps them in the running for the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft along with the winless Oakland Raiders.  Might I suggest Todd Gurley, RB from the University of Georgia…or perhaps an offensive lineman or two in next year’s draft.

Well if the Jags were only half good…the Charger Girls were good…all…game…long.









So a little birdie told me that the Charger Girls were wearing new uniforms…new in the sense that they were newly made, but the same classic Angela King design that is one of the most iconic uniforms in professional cheerleading…if I may say so myself.  And if you look closely at some of my prior week’s photos, you could tell the old uniforms were getting threadbare under the sleeves, but these newly made uniforms looked neat, crisp and classy.  I guess what I am saying is that the Charger Girls looked sharp…all shiny and brand new.

Well enough uniform chit chat.  On with the show!  Let us begin with the lovely Line Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





I call this week’s Charger Girl of the Day, the Charger Girls’ Golden Girl because…well…she looks golden on the sidelines. From the first day she stepped on the field to this past Sunday, she has always caught my eye with her on field personality, dance ability and All American good looks. This week’s CGOTD is a native San Diegan…introducing second year veteran Lindsay.








One of the good things about this week’s game against the lowly Jaguars was that: 1) there weren’t as many sideline reporters/photographers/media folk for this game and 2) that often times the Jags were unable to get out of their own side of the field, leaving my side blissfully uncluttered.  What does that mean?  Less sidelines clutter means more full body shots, free of those miscellaneous arms and legs that get in the way of a shot…of course, the red shirted security guards were still there, still blocking my view.  So, you may see a few more full body shots of the Charger Girls this week…if not here, on my personal blog later this week.

Okay, let’s begin our regular coverage of the Charger Girls in reverse alphabetical order.  We start with Whitney, Tinaiya, Tina, Tawnie, Shelbi, CGOTD Lindsay, Kayla and Karissa.


(Psst – I’ve figured out how to tell Whitney apart from identical twin sister Devin…it’s the hair!)








We continue with Jayme, Gabrielle, Elizabeth, Dominique, Devin, Denise, Delani, and Brittney.






(It’s the hair!)




We conclude this week’s coverage of the Absolutely Fabulously, new uniform wearing Charger Girls with Bridget J., Bridget C., Anjelica (Jelly), Angelica, Angela G., Alexis, Alexandra, and Alexa.









And with few media folks on the sidelines, I was able to snap a few photos of the Charger Girls during their quarter break performance.

When I say that the Jaguars were only half good, it is not to disparage them, but to point out that they are a works in progress.  I think they found their quarterback of the future and I think he will be a good one.  I watched him play in preseason and thought he has all the attributes you want in a QB…arm strength, vision, and above all…moxie.  So, I think the Jaguars are on the right track and they will be alright.  Maybe not this year, but you can see the building blocks for future success.

And if the Jags were only half good, the Chargers were pretty good all game long.  Sure, there were some lapses and the loss of Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead negatively impacted the offense, but they are well on they way to being a contender in the AFC West.  I ain’t saying we are gonna beat the Broncos for the AFC West title, but if we are competitive in the division again…that will be enough for now.

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