2014 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Wizard Girl Emily

The Wizard Girls brought nearly their entire squad, which was quite an accomplishment because their season had ended and their auditions were upcoming soon (actually, they’re going on right now!).  I guess that’s the problem with the NBA team and the P-R-O convention…the timing can be an issue.

But the Wizard Girls always make a splash and it doesn’t hurt their their director, Derric Whitfield, is one of the most popular instructors.  That means great dance routines and their squad members always help out with the instruction.  And one of Derric’s Wizard Girl instructions caught my eye for her beauty, dance ability and emotion.  She is our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star and her name is Emily T.

WWG Emily 09

WWG Emily 04

WWG Emily 01

WWG Emily 07

WWG Emily 02

WWG Emily 08

WWG Emily 05

2014 PRO 385

2014 PRO 406

2014 PRO 382

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