2014 P-R-O Convention All Star: Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Erica

I have been going to the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions for several years now and its been a fun gig to shoot.  And since I’ve been going to P-R-O, they’ve been there as well.  So every time I go to Atlanta, I see them there and its like seeing a group of old friends.

I first saw our next honoree at their auditions and she was one of a group of three girls from Utah that tried out for the Cardinals Cheerleaders.  They were all former Utah Jazz dancers and they decided to come south and try their hand with the NFL.  Well they all made the squad, but only one of them was here in Atlanta.

And like in Phoenix, our next honoree left a lasting impression.  So let us introduce rookie Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Erica, our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star.

ACC Erica 05

ACC Erica 01

ACC Erica 06

ACC Erica 08

ACC Erica 02

ACC Erica 03

ACC Erica 07

ACC Erica 04

ACC Erica 10

ACC Erica 11

Each year, James and I meet so many beautiful and talented cheerleaders at P-R-O and it is our pleasure to recognize them here.  We have a few more to recognize, so please keep an eye out for our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star.



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