More Photos From The 2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Final Audition

The St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Final Audition was a three hour affair and I took many photos.  Too many photos.  From the 2,400+ photos I took, I had about 600 to consider for the article and used about 80 or so.  And that means I have many more that I want to share with you, particularly since there were so many beautiful girls.

So I want to start with the girl who stood out the most amongst all of the candidates.  She was a great dancer and she look absolutely gorgeous in her audition outfit.  When I saw her dance live, I knew she would make the squad.  There’s just some girls that you know are going to make it and she was one.

2014 Rams171

2014 Rams163

2014 Rams166

2014 Rams168

2014 Rams169

2014 Rams164

2014 Rams159

Okay, enough of her.  Let’s turn our attention to another girl that stood out.  She was a Captain last year and another shoe in for the squad.  I think we all knew it, but the staff called out her name last and I am sure she sweated it out a bit.  But it was obvious that Holly was one of the best dancers and clearly one of the best looking girls.

2014 Rams147

2014 Rams141

2014 Rams143

2014 Rams152

And there was another girl, a former Rams Cheerleader from two years ago who was trying out again. I think her name is Taylor. She was another girl whom you knew was going to make it…and she did!

2014 Rams188

2014 Rams189

2014 Rams191

2014 Rams198

2014 Rams200

There was this Asian girl who had “The Look” and she was another girl who was definitely going to make it. I think she’s going to be a rookie because I don’t remember her from the past auditions I attended.

2014 Rams192

2014 Rams193

2014 Rams194

And here are some photos of the other girls I thought were memorable.

2014 Rams125

2014 Rams128

2014 Rams132

2014 Rams136

2014 Rams137

2014 Rams149

2014 Rams158

2014 Rams172

2014 Rams180

2014 Rams181

2014 Rams182

2014 Rams184

2014 Rams208

2014 Rams209

2014 Rams211

2014 Rams212

2014 Rams214

2014 Rams216

2014 Rams217

2014 Rams219

2014 Rams222

2014 Rams223

2014 Rams228

2014 Rams230

2014 Rams234

2014 Rams235

2014 Rams236

2014 Rams238

2014 Rams240

2014 Rams244

2014 Rams252

2014 Rams256

2014 Rams259

2014 Rams262

2014 Rams265

2014 Rams267

2014 Rams269

2014 Rams272

2014 Rams278

Wow! This post is never ending!

2014 Rams280

2014 Rams287

2014 Rams288

2014 Rams295

2014 Rams297

Sometimes you have to look good from the front and from behind. This is especially so if you want to be an NFL cheerleader.

2014 Rams300

2014 Rams301

2014 Rams303

Well that’s all the extra dance photos from the 2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleader auditions. Hope you enjoyed them and if you did, come to St. Louis and check out the new squad in person.

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