Behind The Scenes At The 2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions

It takes a lot of time and effort to put on a pageant style final auditions because it is really a show rather than an audition.  It is a carefully choreographed stage production, with a script and timing sheet.  There was a stage manager who was in charge of the whole production and an audio and light crew as well.  This is really a big production, not just an event where some girls are dancing in front of some judges.

And as such, the finalists had an early call to get their hair and make up done.  With 56 girls and a handful of make up and hair stylists, this was going to take some time to get all of the girls ready for show time.

After their hair was done, the girls queue up to get their make up done.

While waiting for their turn with the stylists, took the opportunity to rehearse the final dance audition on stage.

After all the girls had their hair and make up done, the stage manager called all the girls to the stage for their opening position and ran through the evening’s schedule. Girls were told where to stand for each audition portion and how to enter and exit the stage.

Five minutes before showtime, the girls gathered backstage to await the start of the pageant.

Like I said, it takes a lot of work to put on a show like this.  And for 32 young women, all that hard work paid off.

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