Colts Run Out of Luck on Monday Night Football and Lose to the Chargers

The Chargers broke out the old power blue uniforms, hoping to stir up some magic in their Monday Night Football contest against the Indianapolis Colts.   The football gods must have heard their prayers because the Chargers held rising star Andrew Luck to a pedestrian 200 yards passing and no touchdowns enroute to a 19 – 9 victory.

Philip Rivers continued his resurrection from depths of football mediocrity and methodically drove the Chargers down the field for three long scoring drives.  The new coaching staff’s offense has proven that Rivers is at his best when his passes travel less than 10 yards in the air.  Hey if it works for Alex Smith…so be it.Rivers is at his best when his passes travel less than 10 yards in the air.  Hey if it works for Alex Smith…so be it.

Four field goals by Charger kicker Nick Novak and a 100 yard rushing performance by much maligned running back Ryan Mathews sealed the Colts fate.

Final Score: Powder Blue Bolts – 19, Luckless Colts – 9

And the Chargers weren’t the only ones looking sharp in their game day uniforms…see for yourself.

This being the only home game in the month of October for the Chargers meant that this was also their Breast Cancer Awareness game, hence the vibrant pink pom poms. Let’s hope we find a cure to breast cancer soon and no longer have to shake pink poms or wear pink ribbons of remembrance.

So let’s begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Ariel, Kara, Katelyn and Natalie.

This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a first year member and native San Diegan, introducing Lindsay.

We begin our regular coverage of the Charger Girls in reverse alphabetical order with: Tinaiya, Tina, Tawnie, Shelbi, Paige, Nicole, Meridith and CGOTD Lindsay.

We continue with Kylie, Kayla, Katie, Karissa, Jessica, Jennifer, Hope and Courtney.

And we conclude this week’s parade of Absolutely Fabulous Pink Pom Pom waiving Charger Girls with Clarisse, Brianna, Anjelica, Angela, Andrea, Alexis Lauren, Alexis, and Alexa.

Well after last week’s awful performance against the Raiders, this was an unexpectedly solid win against one of the better teams in the AFC.  With three wins and three losses, this Charger team is at a crossroads.  It is still early in the tenure of the new management, but you can see the possibilities.  But you can also see the deficiencies: a mediocre offensive line, a wide receiver corps without a deep threat and a lack of play makers on both sides of the ball.  This is a work in progress, an overhaul of a team that will take a few years to return to the prominence of the last decade.  All we need is a few players and a little luck.

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