Sideline Distraction: San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader Megan

I have been to a few 49ers games over the years, mainly to shoot the cheerleaders and just to soak in the NFL vibe because I used to be a Rams fan, being that I am from Los Angeles…and if you will recall, Los Angeles doesn’t have a team anymore.  Can’t really say I root for the 49ers because of that, but then again, I don’t really root for an NFL team other than the Chargers since I am mainly a college football fan.

But, I like going to S.F. because it’s a cool city to visit.  And Candlestick has a gritty, blue collar feel to it…and football should be blue collar, not some sort of white collar wine and cheese sport.  So, I dig going to Candlestick and I love photographing the Gold Rush.

And in 2010, I photographed one of the most beautiful cheerleaders ever, but only for a brief time as her line moved on to the next section all too quickly.  So, here’s a few photos of Gold Rush cheerleader Megan.

Gold Rush Megan 01

I always thought these uniforms were amongst the sexiest in the NFL, but there was one problem. The red bodice was made of what looked to be a dyed suede. When the girls perspired, the color ran and stained their white sleeves. But still, one of the sexiest uniforms of all time, in my book.

Gold Rush Megan 02

Gold Rush Megan 03

Gold Rush Megan 05

Gold Rush Megan 04

2013 looks to be the last year the 49ers play in Candlestick before they move into their new digs in Santa Clara.  I wonder if the new stadium will be as “photographer-friendly” as Candlestick has been in the past.  We will see, but with the NFL tinkering with what a fan can bring into the stadium, it might be the end of us fans who love to take photographs at the game.

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