Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: The Inland Empire 66ers Dance Team

Do they really?  Yes they do…at least from my experience.  The Inland Empire 66ers Dance Team have a lot of fun.  From what I’ve seen, Byron Marquez and the 66ers organization treat the girls very well and they do seem to be a fun loving group.  So when I visited them last Saturday to cover their auditions, I took the opportunity to snap a few posed photographs…and when the auditions were over, I snapped a few more inside the stadium…and they had a lot of fun.

So here are a few photos that didn’t make the audition article.

So why is it that when you want to take a serious photograph of the girls, they want to take a goofy one?  I don’t know…girls will be girls, I guess.

Need more evidence?

And more.

There ain’t any move a cheerleader can do, that I can’t shoot.  Notice the photo bombers in the background?

Fun with props.

And some more posed photos.

Yes it’s true.  The Inland Empire 66ers Dance Team just wanna have some fun…and they do!

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