It’s A Feel Good Time As The Chargers Defeat The Hapless Chiefs

The Chargers got back on the winning track with a win over the hapless Chiefs before a national television audience on Thursday Night Football.   It really wasn’t as competitive as the final score would indicate with the Charger, scoring the first 10 points and never looking back.  Fans in attendance, myself included, never really felt like the Chiefs were in the game, not that the Chargers were lighting it up on offense.   It was just a sense that they never were competitive in the game.  Two fourth quarter touchdowns off of Chief turnovers put the game out of reach.

Final Score:  Chargers – 31  Chiefs – 13

With the win, the Chargers ended a three game losing streak.  Many of us in attendance speculated that if the Chargers lost this game or if they fail to reach the playoffs, that this might be the end of the Norv Turner era.  There is a growing discontent among Charger fans, that the window for success under Norv Turner is closing and that change is needed.  But with the win over the lowly Chiefs,  it was a feel good time…at least for the moment.

Feel Good Time – Pink

For me, it wasn’t a feel good moment as once again, the unpleasantness of a overzealous Elite Security member prevented me from using my camera in the fourth quarter.  I was asked to stop using my camera because the Elite Security staff member said my lens was longer than 6 inches.  It is not.  It’s only 5.6 inches long.  But he was adamant that it was and you can’t win in this situation.  The 20-something security staff member didn’t have a ruler or a way to measure my lens, as I asked him to do so.  So, in another nightmarish catch-22 scenario…without the ruler, I couldn’t prove that I was right and he couldn’t prove that I was wrong.  In this case, tie goes to the ignorant and the wrong minded people in the red shirts…so I lost out.  And though he was polite and tried to resolve the situation amicably…I was so turned off by the experience that I stopped shooting near the end of the third quarter, even though he gave me a reprieve while he tried to get the attention of a field supervisor for further clarification.

Now if you may remember, two years ago I went through another similar experience that soured me on going to Chargers games and I wrote about it extensively in an article entitle, The Charger Girls and the American Way of Life.  I thought that my letter to Dean Spanos fixed this problem (it did about the camera lens length issue of 2010, namely the Chargers revised their policy to allow six inch lenses), but the point about treating your customers well because you appreciate their patronage, apparently didn’t get through because the Elite Security people, while polite and nice, created a catch-22 situation that really turned me off.

I am a longtime season ticket holder, since 1999.  I support the team with my dollars, hard earned and in this economy, hard to come by.  I usually spend $300 or more at a each game, with the cost of two tickets, parking, food and maybe a souvenir.  I like to bring in a camera and photograph the cheerleaders because the view from row 1 is “partially obstructed”.  And the only good view from where I sit, is of the Charger Girls.  But with these hassles, its not worth it to make the drive from L.A. and go to a Chargers game.

I mean when was the last time a guy with a camera caused a disturbance or threatened the safety of a fellow game attendee?

I must be getting old because I just don’t like getting hassled anymore.  Yes, I did turn 50 a few days ago.  As you get older, you tire of the needless chicken sh!t you sometimes experience…life is short and you can watch an NFL game better on a HDTV than in person.

Oh well, but enough of my complaining.  I only bring this up to point out that I was only able to shoot the first three Charger Girl lines, so for this week there are no photographs of Marissa’s line.  Oh well.  I shall endeavor to do better next time…and you can be sure I will bring a ruler next game!

Okay so let’s begin this week’s coverage of the Charger Girls with the Tri-Captains:  Kara, Lauren O. and Natalie.

This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a former 49ers Gold Rush and is a first year Charger Girl…introducing Meridith.

Let’s begin our regular, albeit abbreviated, coverage of the Absolutely Fabulous Charger Girls with Alexis L., Allizon, Amanda, Andrea, Angela, Anjelica, and Ariel.

We continue this week’s coverage with Clarisse, Erin, Hope, Katie, Kayla, and Kylie.

We conclude our coverage with Lauren P., CGOTD Meridith, Nicole, Paige, and Rachel.

One pleasant surprise of the evening was seeing one of my all time favorite Charger Girls of years gone by, Katrina, who happens to be a current member of the Clippers Spirit dance team.

Well it was a feel good Thursday here in San Diego and I sincerely hope there are more good times in the future because if the season goes bad…then heads will certainly roll.  This is a make or break year for Norv Turner.  And if he goes, there is a compelling argument that the Chargers should start fresh and, perhaps, get rid of general manager A. J. Smith.  I can’t argue with that sentiment and as a season ticket holder, we deserve better.

And if you are going to make some changes, how about reconsidering cracking down on those of us who bring in cameras….if you want to make a positive change, aside from the improving the play on the field, go after the drunks.  Leave us season ticket holding, camera toting fans alone…we are your best paying customers.  That is all…I am off my soap box.

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