Chargers Win as Titans Get Burned in Dante’s Inferno

It was hot in San Diego.  Unseasonably hot.  Uncomfortably hot.  And by the end of the day, the Titans were feeling the heat after being torched by the Chargers.  Leading the charge for the California Boys was Dante Rosario, whose three touchdown receptions were all that was needed to dispatch the Titans.  Playing without play makers Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews, the Chargers needed the defense to step up and they did, holding Chris Johnson to 17 meaningless yards.  But it was Philip Rivers three touchdown passes to little used tight end Dante Rosario that was the story of the day.  That dude was on fire.

Chargers – 31  Titans – 10.

Surrender – Cheap Trick at Budokan

And there was some heat on the sidelines as well.

With a 2-o start, there is some reason for optimism for Charger fans, but we’ve been down this road before.  If we want to be among the NFL’s elite again, a fast start and strong finish is the type of season the Chargers must have and the win over the Titans was a step in the right direction.

And for those of you who are not Charger fans, well I have some photos of the hottest dance team in the NFL for you!  So let’s begin with the Captains:  Lauren O., Kara, Natalie and Marissa.

Our Charger Girl of the Day hails from the beautiful city of Yorba Linda and is a second year veteran, introducing…Katelyn.

We begin this week’s coverage of the Ab Fab Charger Girls in reverse alphabetical order with Tawnie, former Detroit Piston dancer Starkesha, Rachel, Paige, Nicole, former 49ers Gold Rush Meridith, and former Clippers Spirit dancer Lauren P.

Let’s continue our cavalcade of Charger Girls with Kylie, Kayla, Katie, CGOTD Katelyn, Hope, former Wizard Girl Erin, Courtney, and Clarisse.

We conclude this week’s coverage with the “A” list…those Charger Girls with names that begin with the letter “A”…and there are a lot of them!  Ariel, Anjelica, Angela, Andrea, Amanda, Allizon, Alexis Lauren, and former New England Patriot cheerleader Alexa.

Alexis Ann was not in attendance, so no photos of her this week.  I hope to get some of her next week for her fans.  Here are a couple of photos of the Charger Girls during their quarter break routines.

Well I sincerely hope it is not as hot next week as it was this past Sunday.  It was so hot, my camera started malfunctioning with the dreaded ERR 20 error, which only seems to happen when the camera gets physically hot…and it was very hot in the bright sunlight.  Otherwise it’ll be another trip to Canon in Irvine to replace my mirror box and that’ll cost an arm and a leg to fix…I’m going to have to take up a collection!

Until next week!

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  1. Richard Payne says:

    Anjelica!!!!!! Her name is like beautiful music 🙂 Excellent job David,and I know its to hot out there!! 🙂

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