2010 Charger Girls of the Day

2010 was a good year for the Charger Girls…okay every year is a good year for the Charger Girls, who am I kidding.  What’s not to like.

That year a lot of my favorite Charger Girls retired, but they were replaced by a crop of new Charger Girls that would amply fill in their boots.  I guess that is a tribute to the Charger Girls management, who know how to maintain a standard of excellence and continuity.  It doesn’t hurt that the Charger Girls typically get 300 or 400 girls trying out, so they can pick the best of a large crop of well qualified candidates. And let us not forget that Southern California is a hot bed of beautiful girls and talented dancers.

So let us take a look back at the 2010 Charger Girls of the Day.

We begin with rookie Charger Girl Kylie who was awarded the first CGOTD award after the first preseason game.  Now I must admit that Kylie caught my eye from the first time I saw her.  Tall.  Beautiful.  And dance ability to boot.  But amongst the myriad of beautiful Charger Girls, something about her stood out and translated well on film.   Yeah, I guess you could say she’s very photogenic.

2010 Charger Girls

Our next 2010 Charger Girl of the Day is, to the best of my knowledge, the first Australian NFL cheerleader.  Emma was a former professional cheerleader for the Australian National Basketball League and National Rugby League.  But what made her special was her flirtatious personality, her flowing blonde hair, and her dance moves.  You could tell, Emma enjoyed being on the sidelines and I enjoyed her shameless mugging for the camera…it made for some special images.


One of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph was Katie because she always looked amazing and looked great performing her signature spin move.  She was a former Laker Girl, which makes her doubly special in my book.  In 2010, Katie was a Line Captain and always was in the moment.  In a rarity, we feature Katie in a full body shot, which I rarely shoot…I like shooting more up close, but in this case it was important to show Katie from head to toe to give our readers a better idea of the entire Charger Girl uniform.


For our second regular season home game, the Charger Girl of the Day award was given to a special Charger Girl who was a rookie that year and would give me many memorable shots over the year.  Hannah was another rookie Charger Girl that stood out for her personality and photogenic good looks.  She was a pleasure to photograph and retired from the squad this year.


2010 was a bumper year for rookie Charger Girls and once again, our CGOTD was a rookie.  Breanna was a former Inland Empire 66ers dance team member and look great in the Charger Girl uniform.  I think she was the tallest girl on the squad, which is great in my opinion because tall girls make for some spectacular photos.

For the Breast Cancer Awareness game, the Charger Girls wore these hot pink sweat tops that, if I am honest, didn’t look quite right.  And it was, like, 80 degrees that day, so the girls must have been sweating up a storm in those outfits. I know I was hotter than hell that day and I was wearing a white shirt and shorts.


We were fortunate to have a Halloween home game in 2010.  Many people like this game because the Charger Girls get to wear some sexy Halloween costumes for game day.  Me, I prefer the classic Charger Girl uniform to these outfits, but I must say this year there were some special costumes.  And our 2010 Halloween CGOTD is one of my all time favorite Charger Girls to photograph…Natalie who was dressed up as a very seductive Cleopatra.

I think I see what Marc Antony saw in Cleopatra to make him give away one third of the Roman Empire to the Egyptians.


Our next 2010 Charger Girl of the Day was another rookie and a former Clippers Spirit dance team member.  Jessie was a very special Charger Girl and I got a chance to talk to her at the Bud Light Power Party one Sunday, where she told me that she was part Korean and very proud of her Korean heritage.  Now I am of Chinese descent and when I look at Jessie, I see a typical all American blonde girl…but now that I look closer, I see a little Asian influence in her eyes.  Either way, Jessie was a special Charger Girl.

And on a side note, she is currently a USC Song Girl.


For the annual throwback game, the Charger Girls wore a more contemporary looking, midriff baring version of the old Chargette uniform.  And that week’s CGOTD was Lauren O., a beautiful brunette whose sister, Jennifer was also on the team that year.  Lauren would later become the 2011 Charger Girl Pro Bowl representative and a Line Captain.  And I think you will agree that Lauren is one striking Charger Girl…she’s very photogenic and one of my favorites to photograph.


Our next 2010 Charger Girl of the Day is special because she suffers from a hearing loss and I can image it must be a challenge to perform these elaborate dance routines under such circumstances.  I got a chance to chat with her briefly in the Bud Light Power Party that year and she’s really nice and has had to work hard to get where she is.  So she’s not only a beautiful Charger Girl, she is an inspiration as well.


The final home game of the 2010 season was the annual Christmas game. If you read my last article, you know I love the Charger Girls blue velvet uniforms because they make a girl look like a girl. In other words, they make the girls look very sexy. And that week, we honored Courtney with the CGOTD award for a series of wonderful images.

Originally from Folsom, California in Northern California, she retired from the Charger Girls after the 2011 season and then tried out for the San Francisco Gold Rush cheerleaders earlier this year…and, yep…she made it.


Well that’s all for the 2010 season.  I think you will agree, 2010 was a good year…and let me just say that 2011 was another great season for the Charger Girls.  Stay tuned, for in one week we will highlight the Charger Girls of the Day for the 2011 season.

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  1. azul120 says:

    Great article. Also like the tall ones. Not very many. Interesting how many were USC Song Girls.

    Any other notable examples (5′ 8″ and up), and approximate heights for the sake of contrast to other squads, out of curiosity, if it’s ok that I ask?

  2. David,the official website doesn’t seem to have a address a fan can use to mail something to the Charger Girls(unless I missed it)Is there an address you know of that I can use to mail this drawing of Anjelica to her when finished?I just don’t want it to get lost going to the wrong place. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Fionished the drawing of Anjelica David,and it really is thanks to you that I was able to do it.NEVER get tired of seeing your photos.

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