More Photos of the Lakers Girls at the 2012 NBA Nation Tour

I have been a Lakers fan since I started watching NBA basketball.  They are one of the most successful teams in the NBA, so its not hard to like a team that wins as much as the Lakers do.  But as renown as the basketball team is, the Laker Girls are as highly regarded as the team they cheer for.

Simply put, the Laker Girls are the gold standard of the NBA dance teams.  The may not have been the first dance team, but they have taken the torch and made NBA dance teams what they are today.  They are the most recognizable and the most popular, building on a decades long legacy of excellence.

From a fan’s perspective, they have absolutely gorgeous girls whose prim and proper demeanor suggests an understated elegance and class, yet they are sexy and alluring at the same time.  And I think they have some very sexy uniforms too and for me, a guy who shoots a lot of cheerleaders and dancers, that’s an important aspect of a squads attractiveness.   To use a sports analogy, Penn State may have a great football team, but their uniforms are frumpy and lack some sizzle.  Getting back to cheerleaders, if you have a squad of beautiful and sexy girls, you don’t want to dress them in dance pants.  Get my point.

Its the sizzle that sells.  And here are some more sizzling photos of the Lakers Girls.

And this wraps up our coverage of the NBA dance teams of Los Angeles at NBA Nation.  As the NBA season begins to wind down, I look forward to what next year has to offer.  For me, audition season is just around the corner.

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