More Photos of the Clippers Spirit from NBA Nation

The NBA Nation tour is a great opportunity to meet your local NBA dance team up close and personal.  And I must admit that although I have been a Lakers fans since birth, that the Clippers with their high flying, high energy play reminds me of the old showtime Lakers of the 80’s. And I might add that the Clippers’ brand of basketball is more entertaining than the Lakers and in L.A. that is as important as winning.

I would also say that the Clippers Spirit is as enjoyable and entertaining as the basketball team that they represent.  Their are gorgeous and surprisingly approachable.  I would say they have a more youthful, relaxed and friendly vibe than their counterparts in purple and gold mini dresses.  That’s not to say that the Laker Girls aren’t friendly, but that they are more formal and strict in their behavior at public appearances…with them its all business and when you represent a team such as the Lakers, that more than understandable.

So I take lots of photos.  In the era of digital photography there are per image costs like in the old days when you had to pay for film and processing costs.  So, I took many photos and of all those I took, I think only a small percentage would be considered blog worthy.  But that means that there are some that don’t make it to my article and those that don’t, I post here for my readers to enjoy.

And here they are…the remains of the day.

Next time, we feature more photos of the Lakers Girls at the NBA Nation Tour.

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1 Response to More Photos of the Clippers Spirit from NBA Nation

  1. Jeff says:

    Great job David with your blog and pictures and with all the traveling, its great to see former Charger Girl Katrina again this time as a Clippers cheerleader! Its was always fun taking pictures for her at the Party tent every season. David, I hope the Dallas Cowboys bring the cheerleaders to Oxnard this time, if you can make it I will see you there by the stage. Jeff

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