The Clippers Spirit at NBA Nation

The Los Angeles Clippers recent run in the NBA playoffs have energized the city in ways that it has never been before.  With the high flying dunks of Blake Griffin and the arrival of future hall of fame point guard Chris Paul, the Clippers have brought a new excitement that has been lacking with the Lakers recent play.

There’s a new sheriff in town and he wears red, white and blue.

This past Mother’s Day weekend, the NBA Nation tour rolled into Los Angeles, Universal City Walk to be precise.  NBA Nation is an interactive fan fest with on court games, contests, and NBA player appearances.  And the host cities’ dance team makes an appearance.  As you may know, Los Angeles has two NBA teams and two distinguished NBA dance teams, the Laker Girls and the Clippers Spirit.  So for me, this was a double treat…two of the hottest dance teams in the NBA, up close and personal.

The Clippers Spirit were scheduled to appear at 4:00 pm and they were there right on time.  In attendance was Katrina, Becca, Rhea, Anasheh, Jacy Rae, and Kelli.  Katrina is an old acquaintance from her days on the Charger Girls and I photographed Becca at the 2010 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions and Rhea while she was a member of the Anaheim Arsenal dance team.  Small world!

The Clippers Spirit led off the festivities by performing two dance routines on the Sprint Court and looked fabulous in their colorful outfits.

In between routines, the dancers gave away shirts, sunglasses and other items to the crowd.

After their two spirited performances, the Clippers Spirit retired to the NBA Nation truck to sign autographs and pose for photos in front of a locker room mock up.

Jacy Rae and Katrina tried to coax a few of the more shy kids into coming closer, but I guess the kids’ instincts got the better of them, except for this little fella.

The Clippers Spirit were scheduled only for an hour and that time went by rather quickly.  But before they left for the evening, I snapped a couple photos for our readers.

Like the team they cheer for, the Clippers Spirit are a breath of fresh air.  They are fun, entertaining and above all very good looking.  In the battle for the hearts and minds of basketball fans, its going to be interesting next few years here in Los Angeles!

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