2012 Charger Girls Announced!


Clarisse, Rachel, Anjelica, Katie, Paige, Alexis Lauren, Kylie, Amanda, Allizon

Courtney, Nicole, Ariel, Kara, Lauren P., Erin, Andrea, Hope, Meridith, Starkesha

Kayla, Angela, Marissa, Lauren O., Katelyn, Alexis Ann, Natalie, Tawnie, Alexa

More photos on the Chargers website.

Looks like Kylie made it back to the squad from her one year sabbatical abroad.  And Amanda from two years ago is also back, plus Alexa Flutie, former Charger Quarterback Doug Flutie’s daughter.

So by my reckoning, there’s 13 returning veterans, two returning former Charger Girls (Kylie and Amanda), 13 rookies which include one former N.E. Patriot cheerleader (Alexa), one former S.F. Gold Rush (Meridith) and if I am not mistaken (and I’m checking on it) one former Washington Wizard Girl (Erin).  So that makes 28 Charger Girls for 2012.

All in all, looks like another tremendous squad with the returning veterans and promising rookies.  Another fine job by Director Lisa Simmons and her staff.

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2 Responses to 2012 Charger Girls Announced!

  1. Robin says:

    I’m guessing this year’s Courtney is Brittany W’s younger sister.

    • David Tyau says:

      I can see a resemblance, but I don’t know for sure. You must know something, eh? I know Brittany W. has a little sister and I know she tried out a couple years ago. So Courtney could be her sister. Her name does follow the same alliterative pattern.

      Either way, Courtney is a welcome addition to the Charger Girls and I can’t wait to photograph her.

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