The Gift That Keeps On Giving

They say it is better to give than to receive.  If that was the case, Philip Rivers would be the NFL’s man of the year.  Over the past eight games, the San Diego Quarterback has uncharacteristically thrown 14 interceptions…a gift to opposing defenses.  This past Sunday was no different.  With the Green Packers in town to play the suddenly faltering Chargers, Philip Rivers threw three more interceptions, of which two were returned for Packer touchdowns.  As if the Aaron Rodgers led Packers needed to be spotted 14 points.

In a game that featured more passes than a Las Vegas bar at closing time, the Packers withstood a furious fourth quarter comeback attempt by the Charger to win 45 – 38.  Philip Rivers last interception sealed their fate.  As Hank Hill would say, “that boy ain’t right”.  Who am I to argue with a cartoon character.

And speaking of gifts, may I present to you, the absolutely fabulous SAN DIEGO CHARGER GIRLS!

Who says it never rains in California?

Weather forecasts were for a light rain, a somewhat rarity in Southern California this time of the year.  All those Packer fans from Wisconsin who were expecting balmy and sunny weather were disappointed…probably for the best that pale visitors from the north put the tank tops and shorts away for this game.  And there were many Packers fans.  They virtually took over the Bud Light Power Party, lining up in droves to get a glimpse of the beautiful Charger Girls.  C’mon cheese heads, it’s not like you’ve never seen an NFL cheerleader before…oops!  Forgot, they don’t have any!  Well, I guess that’s another reason to hate California.

And speaking of the Bud Light Power Party, I chatted with Line Captain Natalie and asked her that if she remembered to bring those chemical hand and toe warmers that the CGs use to keep warm on cold game days.  She said she did not, not thinking that they would have to use them in early November.  I reminded her that it was supposed to be cold and wet and that I had some in the car, I could give her, but she politely refused.

Now I must remind you that the Charger Girls don’t have cold weather uniforms or issue the girls rain gear to dance in.  These dedicated women perform in their everyday uniforms, whether it rains or shines.  So, I must applaud the girls for braving the cold, wet weather in their skimpy (but sexy) Charger Girl uniforms.

Who me?  I don’t like to be cold or wet, especially at a Charger game, so I brought a rain poncho and several of those chemical heaters.   I guess I’m a wimp, but given a choice to be cold and wet or dry and warm…well, you get the idea.  Plus, I had all my expensive camera equipment to keep dry…wouldn’t want to electrocute myself with that battery pack.

The inclement weather was an interesting change and afforded some interesting photos.  But I digress.

Let’s get on with our regular coverage of the cold and wet Charger Girls and introduce the Line Captains: Natalie, Lauren O., Katie and Tiffany.

This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a third year veteran and first year Line Captain.  She has a degree in Business from Sonoma State University and she owns her own business, a mobile dance company.  Introducing…Lauren O.

It was raining lightly when the game began, so let’s begin our coverage with the girls who were in my section at the start of the first quarter.  That would be Natalie’s line: Ariel, Tawnie, Kimberly, Katelyn, Culture, and Alexis.

As the second quarter began, the light rain continued.  During this time, Lauren O.’s squad was in my section.  Introducing: Courtney, Hannah, Anjelica, Aussie Emma, former USC Song Girl Jacquelyn, and Clarisse.

By the time the quarter break had rolled around, the field was wet and the Charger Girls danced in the end zone as usual.  They rocked on the turf, they rolled on the turf, and writhed on the turf.  That left some interesting stains on their uniforms.  No, the Charger Girls didn’t tie-dye their uniforms.  It was just the paint from the end zone, so that’s why some of the girls look like hippies from the 60’s.  At least it’s a nice shade of blue!

I am sure the girls got to clean up a bit at halftime.  As the third quarter began, the rain had stopped for the moment and there was even a bit of sunshine for a few minutes.  It was Katie’s line’s turn in my section.  Katie’s line is: Starkesha, Melissa, Nina, Marissa, Hayley, and Angela.

The next line of Charger Girls came out with a wind blown hair look.  I must say some of the girls hair looked quite alluring, particularly Kara’s.  I am not suggesting that it rain on the girls every game, but Tiffany’s line looked quite attractive with their hair all mussed up…kind of wild and sexy…their hair that is.

But as the fourth quarter began to wind down, the skies darkened and the rain returned…right about when Philip Rivers gifted the Packers with his third interception of the day.  Tiffany’s line braved the cold and wet weather…and the disappointment of another loss.  Tiffany’s line included: Lauren P., Kara, Nicole, Jennifer, Emily, and former Jets Flight Crew cheerleader Christie.

Philip Rivers says there’s nothing wrong with him physically, though his throwing mechanics seem to be off as some analysts have said.  I don’t know what’s going on with Rivers but if he doesn’t stop throwing interceptions, he will literally be giving away games and that has to stop if the Chargers intend on making it to the playoffs.  But on this rainy day, there was a silver lining.  With all the Chargers’ woes, they are still tied for first place in the AFC West.

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  1. Tiffiny says:

    What does nina do outside of cheering for the chargers?

    • David Tyau says:

      Sorry, I don’t know these girls personally…I like to maintain a nice journalistic distance, so that I can remain somewhat objective when covering them for this blog.

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