More Photos From 09/01/11

This past year, I have seen professional cheerleading squads from the Redskins, Vikings, Colts, Falcons, Texans, Sea Hawks, 49ers, Jets Flight Crew, Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats, Detroit Pride, and several minor league sports teams.  And of all those wonderful squads, I can say with all honesty that the Charger Girls are one of the best, if not THE best.  They have hot looking girls (mandatory), hot looking uniforms (necessary) and great dance routines (gotta dance well).  And an additional bonus is that the Charger Girls do a lot of sideline routines and interact with the crowd almost constantly when most other squads seem to just stand along the sidelines for long stretches during the game.

So I as far as cheerleader photographers go, I am blessed.  I get to watch a winning team, get to shoot some absolutely gorgeous cheerleaders, meet some proud CG parents, hang with some season ticket holder buddies, and all in the beautiful city of San Diego.

So let me share some of my blessings with you.  Here are some more photos from the 49ers vs Chargers preseason game.

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3 Responses to More Photos From 09/01/11

  1. Nick says:

    Excellent job as usual David. Looking forward to your photos from the season opener this Sunday vs. the Vikings. Hope the Chargers’ team look half as good as this year’s squad of Charger Girls! if they do, the team should be Super Bowl contenders! Well, maybe… Thanks!

  2. Dan says:

    Excellent photos!! Thank you for continuing to get a lot of leg shots and more from behind shots! Fantastic!!

  3. DAVE says:

    awsome photos as usual dave……cant wait to see new photos throughout the year……emma jennnifer and angela are my favorties….but they all are stunning…….wish i could go to a game but this sure helps………thanks much keep up the good work……..dave

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