49ers Mine Gold in San Diego

Last week I was in San Francisco to see the 49ers battle the Houston Texans.  This week, I was in San Diego to watch the Chargers play the 49ers in the last preseason game for both teams.  The fourth week is clearly the worst of week of preseason football.  You rarely get to see the star players who are held out of the game for fear of being injured.  So the game is mostly relegated to the second and third string players, many of whom will not be on the team in 48 hours when the last cuts are announced.  Even the fans know the fourth week of preseason sucks judging by the thousands and thousands of empty seats.

In a lackluster game, the 49ers second and third team beat the Chargers second and third team, 20 – 17.

The only redeeming quality of preseason football is the cheerleaders.  There they are, giving their all to entertain the crowd in what is typically a boring game.  So if the game was less than interesting, the Chargers Girls were absolutely captivating.

So what did we learn?  Alex Smith is not the answer to the question, who is the 49ers franchise quarterback. Charger running back Ryan Mathews can shred a second team defense.  The new kick off rule sucks, unless you like touch backs.  And finally, if you put a lousy product on the field, the ticket paying public will stay at home…unless you force them to purchase preseason games, at full price, as a part of their season ticket plan.

Okay, enough ranting.  Let’s begin this week’s coverage of the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Charger Girls with the Line Captains…Tiffany, Katie, Natalie and Lauren O.

I dated a red head in college.  She was half Italian and half Irish and all fire.  So you can say, like most men, I like red heads…who doesn’t.  There is just something alluring about a red head, a certain je ne sais quoi quality…eh, I don’t know what.  Anyway, this week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a fiery red head from Colorado, introducing…Anjelica.

Anjelica kind of reminds me of that red headed vampire Jessica in HBO’s True Blood…kind of …except she’s got good teeth.

<<Edit>> Okay, I have re-read the previous sentence (I wrote this article late last night and I was dead tired).  I did not mean to suggest that Anjelica reminds me of a vampire.  No.  I meant to say that she reminds me of the actress who plays the sexy vampire character Jessica on True Blood.  But…the thought of a sexy vampire cheerleader…now that would be television gold!  <<End Edit>>

Let’s begin our regular coverage by introducing the Charger Girls by line.  We begin with Katie’s line: Starkesha, Melissa, Nina, Angela and Hayley.

Up next, Tiffany’s line: Lauren P., Kara, Nicole, Emily, Jennifer, and Christie.

We continue over coverage with Natalie’s Line: Tawnie, Kimberly, Ariel, Katelyn, Culture and Alexis.

And we conclude our coverage of the AB FAB Charger Girls with Lauren O’s line: Courtney, Hannah, CGOTD Anjelica, Clarisse, Jacquelyn and Aussie Emma.

The one good thing about the NFL lockout was that it sure seemed to make preseason pass by in record time.  Shoot.  Wasn’t only a month ago that they settle their labor issue.  Oh well.  Beginning next week, we start the regular season and we get to watch games worthy of our hard earned dollars.  It will also be the 10th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11.  So, this should be an interesting week ahead and give us pause to think of all that has happened in the intervening years.

For all that is bad in the world, I am glad I live in the United States of America where we can enjoy the freedoms we have and sit down on a Sunday and watch some football.

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  1. John says:

    I only see 27 cheerleaders, I thought there was 28?

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