A First Look at the 2011 Charger Girls

With the settlement of the NFL labor issue, football is back!  Preseason football, that is.  Every year I take the opportunity to rant about how terrible preseason football is and how that as a season ticket holder, we are about the only people in the stadium to pay full price to watch some crappy ass football.  With the loss of OTAs and mini camps due to the lockout, the caliber of preseason football is worse than ever.  Now my dear friend, our former Arizona Correspondent Max…I shall call him Mad Max because he made the drive out to the game from Phoenix and then drove home the same day, thought that this game was a good one because it came down to the last minute.  And in that sense it was exciting, but preseason football played by third and fourth stringers is not good football.  But as die hard football fans, we are suckers and we will pay top dollar for crappy ass football because we can’t live without the NFL.

The only redeeming aspect of preseason football is the cheerleaders and to tell you the truth, I was excited to see the new squad of Charger Girls.  So if the football was crappy, the Charger Girls were amazing.

Oh and if anyone is interested, the Seahawks third stringers defeated the Chargers third stringers, 24 – 17.

As long as I have been covering the Charger Girls for this blog, I have started off my articles by recognizing the Line Captains.  So without further ado, introducing Katie, Tiffany, Natalie and Lauren O.

Regular readers of my Charger Girl game day reports know that I like to recognize the most memorable cheerleader with the Charger Girl of the Day award.  And this week’s recipient is Line Captain Natalie, who gave me several outstanding photographs.

I am sure many of our readers are curious to see who are the new Charger Girl, so let begin this week’s coverage with the rookies.  Introducing Alexis, Angela, Ariel, Clarisse, Kara, Katelyn, Nina, Tawnie and Christie.

Christie is a former Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader.  She may not remember it, but we met each other at last year’s P-R-O Convention, where I snapped this photograph of her and two of her Jets teammates.

Christie has exchanged her East coast style for that California Girl look.  Quite an improvement, I would say.  Welcome to California, Christie.

Okay, let’s continue our first look of the 2011 Charger Girls by turning our attention to the returning veterans.  Introducing Anjelica, Courtney, Culture, Emily, Emma, Hannah, and Hayley.

We continue our coverage with veterans Jacquelyn (our former USC Song Girl returns!), Jennifer, Kimberly, Lauren P., Marissa, Melissa, Nicole, and Starkesha.

Well the day wasn’t a total loss.  I was able to enjoy a fun day with my Arizona compadre, Mad Max the road warrior.  I was able to photograph the absolutely fabulous 2011 Charger Girls.  And I got to listen to A Dance with Dragons on audio CD for the 120 mile drive back home to Los Angeles.  Now if only the caliber football was first class, this would have been the perfect day.

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2 Responses to A First Look at the 2011 Charger Girls

  1. Thanks to you David,and NOT the men(?) who televise the game,we get to see the Charger Girls.For some reason,alot of the “men” who are in charge of showing us games WILL NOT show the cheerleaders either at all or not that much.

  2. gary bender says:

    It’s so pathetic, richard – the hypocrisy is stunning. ask any of the girls and they’ll tell you the sideline cameras are on them constantly, all for the enjoyment of the boys in the truck, not the paying public. These ladies work so hard and do their jobs so well, the least they could do would be to give them a little air time. I watched the game on tv and there was not one dedicated cheerleader shot. but the camera was on them- just ask the girls, David. Thank you for your great work yet again, by the way.

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