The Hottest Dance Team In the NFL Blog Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!

How time flies when you are having fun!  The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL blog begins its third year and there have been many changes in the sports landscape.  Billionaires and millionaires quibbling over how to split up a multi-billion dollar pie.  Sports teams petitioning state and municipal governments to pony up hundreds of millions of dollars to help defray stadium construction costs.   And all this time, we enter a third year of diminished economic prospects for most Americans.

Oh well…at least the Chargers have amended their camera policy to allow cameras with 6 inch lenses!  I guess Dean Spanos actually read the complaint letter I sent him last year after my preseason fiasco.  That’s by far the most promising news I’ve read in some while, although I must take it with a grain of salt.  For the Chargers, at least last year, what’s printed in the season ticket holder fan guide is not necessarily the policy enforced on game day.  But, hey.  I’m an optimist.

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