2011 P-R-O Convention All Stars: Derric Whitfield and the Houston Energy Dancers

In the two years that I have been going to P-R-O, I have noticed that Derric Whitfield’s sessions are very popular and seem to be a hit amongst his students.  Perhaps its the choreography or perhaps its his personality that he infuses into each of his routines.  I don’t know.  But as a casual observer, you get a sense that the girls really enjoy his instruction judging by the laughter and hollering going on in the room.  His routines typically are a high energy, hip hop affair with a segment that can only be described as “ants on fire” level of movement.  That “out of your mind”, burst of frenetic energy is usually the part that gets the girls laughing…particularly when Derric demonstrates the 8 count segments.

Both James and I enjoy covering his sessions as they always prove to be most entertaining.  So, in this edition of the 2011 P-R-O Convention All Stars, we feature Derric Whitfield and his Houston Energy Dancers.

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