2011 P-R-O Convention All Star: Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Britney G.

I live in Los Angeles and one of the best things about the P-R-O Convention is that I am able to photograph squads that I would probably never get to shoot otherwise.  And one of those that I looked forward to covering was the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, who seemed to bring every cheerleader on their team.  Their squad has a special quality that could only be described as a clean cut, Midwestern look…it’s a wholesome, fresh faced look and it works.

In our second edition of the 2011 P-R-O Convention All Stars, we turn our attention to one of the most noteworthy cheerleaders, Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Britney G.  I was fortunate to snap a few photographs of the lovely Colts cheerleader prior to the start of festivities on Saturday.   So please enjoy our coverage of this 2011 P-R-O Convention All Star.

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