A Charger Girl Tribute – Katrina

I remember Katrina from the NFL Cheerleaders Making the Squad series on the Charger Girls.   There was some concern whether she was auditioning to further her entertainment career aspirations or was there to support the Chargers organization in their on and off the field endeavors.   Well, I think we know the answer as Katrina was a member of the Charger Girls for three years (2007-2009) and was a line captain her final year.

I am sure the audition judges saw in her what I did, namely exotic good looks and exceptional dance talent.  She was definitely one that stood out amongst the many beautiful Charger Girls and those “special” girls always catch my eye.  After her time with the Charger Girls, Katrina would become a Clippers Spirit dancer and…go on to perform in the entertainment field!

So, here’s my photographic tribute of Katrina Jo Balbuena.

CG Katrina 018

CG Katrina 016

CG Katrina 017

CG Katrina 010

CG Katrina 012

CG Katrina 013

CG Katrina 019

CG Katrina 001

CG Katrina 014

CG Katrina 003

CG Katrina 007

CG Katrina 002

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