One Season Wonders – Kortney

Kortney was a Charger Girl in 2008 and though she was on the squad for only one season, she left a lasting impression.  Sassy and vivacious, Kortney was always good for an interesting photograph or two.  Kortney was also a ChivaGirl and an AVP Dancer in addition to being a model.  She also appeared in several reality TV shows and is an avid skater and surfer.

So here’s my photographic tribute to Kortney Yarbrough, Skater Girl and one season wonder.

CG Kortney 009

CG Kortney 002

CG Kortney 014

CG Kortney 005

CG Kortney 013

CG Kortney 001

CG Kortney 015

CG Kortney 012

CG Kortney 008

CG Kortney 010

CG Kortney 011

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