The Return Engagement: The UCLA Dance Team

With the UCLA Women’s Basketball team in the PAC-10 Championship game, the UCLA Dance Team made a return engagement to the Pacific Life Fan Fest.   It is a rare opportunity to see all these spirit squads up close and personal, so I took advantage and headed down to LA Live for one final time to photograph my beloved UCLA Dance Team.

Unfortunately for the Bruins, the women’s basketball team came up losers against #2 Stanford, but in the battle of the spirit squads, the UCLA Dance Team came up on top.

 UCLA Dance Team 043

 UCLA Dance Team 024

 UCLA Dance Team 027

 UCLA Dance Team 036

 UCLA Dance Team 029

 UCLA Dance Team 038

 UCLA Dance Team 040

 UCLA Dance Team 046

 UCLA Dance Team 047

 UCLA Dance Team 035

 UCLA Dance Team 045

 UCLA Dance Team 039

 UCLA Dance Team 037

 UCLA Dance Team 032

Well…better luck next year for UCLA’s basketball teams. And speaking of next year, I hope that this Fan Fest continues to grow. I have been to an NCAA Final Four in 1995 and there was excitement in the air. If the PAC-10 Tournament can achieve the same level of excitement, then all hoops fans should come out to LA Live and check it out.

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  1. Tim says:

    Wow! There are photos all over the web of the UCLA dance team, but these are the best I’ve ever seen! Thanks for sharing the great photos!

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